Thursday, November 30, 2006

This week has been fabbos.
I got mail from Hilary Carlip.
For those of you who don't know who this dee-lish woman of fabulousness is, she's an amazing authoress, she's a whole lot of other cool stuff too but I love her mostest for her work with young women, especially her book Girl Power.
So good.
You can find out all about her and her crazy, fun-filled life in her new book Queen of the Oddballs. It's available on - go buy it!
So imagine how excited I was to get real-life mailage from her? I'm totes besides myself!
I got sent my very own copy of her book along with some other Hilary treats in a bumper bonanaza, and get this, she's diggin' on pink-world and Think Pink so much that she's agreed to come play in the world o' pink in the new year - I cannot wait!
For a crash course in all things HC - visit

Monday I was chasing prizes for Think Pink goody bags. Oh, we've got some fab ones, stay tuned for how you can get your hands on them - it'll be a book launch/web launch mash up!
I've also lined up some too-cool-for-school interviewees for the new site - is making a star appearance and will be hosting a competition you WILL NOT want to miss, the supes talented illustrator girl, Holly Lloyd will be taking us behind the scenes of how she made Lola Love and the pink ladies look so damn pretty and Poppy and the Jezabels - our new favourite girl group - will be rockin' and rulin' in pink-world and that's just for starters...

The new site is going to be totally coolio-a-go-go.

It'll be launched on the same day as the book, 3rd January so there is absolutely no excuse for your January to be blue...Buy the book, log on to the site, become a Pink Lady and you'll be splashing around in all things pink, sparkly and fabulous all year long!

In other news: I took part in some totes cool training on Tuesday.
Yep, you heard right, training that wasn't borin' snorin'!
It's positivity training, 'coz even pink thinkin' life coach types need regular doses of training to keep us tip top and tutti frutti.
I then hung out with my dee-lish friend Sarah who was also on the training, everyone should have a Sarah Chevverchops in their world.
She rocks.
She had also done me a copy of the Wicked soundtrack - which, for that reason alone I love her for, it is now on my ipod and on repeat.
We read trash mags and found out that:
Britney is showing her floo floo and hanging out with Paris
TomKat are now happily married
Katie and Pete Andre are all about the domestic bliss (I heart them so much and am more than hoping the man has bought me the album for Christmas, so, I'm cheesy, whatchagonnadoboutit?)
Danny Mcfly has ditched his hair straighteners
and other such world changing events....
We skipped from convo to convo, as we always do, before heading out to our work Christmas dinner - I know, how early?
Mr Swanksville arrived with the adoreable miss Sally looking like Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne, except Swanks wears his trousers at a decent height and Miss Sally is total glamazonia compared to Sharon...All the lovely ladies from the office had arrived a few hours earlier and were all about the Christmas spirit - think Gin, think Vodka. It was fun time frankies and I had the yummiest chocolate brownie dessert...
I love me a social event!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I can't believe I blogged yesterday without a mention of X factor.
Eton Road are out.
That's rude.
They were on Fern and Phil this morning but the man rang to discuss worky stuff with me and I couldn't think of an excuse fast enough as to why I couldn't speak to him.
Y'see, he thinks I do nothing all day, when actually I'm really the very busiest of bees - except for today when I did still have the TV on mid-morning. Well, I was emailing...
Anyway, my point was that I missed them. I could see their mouths moving but not hear a word that they said.
They looked cute though. I do like the one with the skinhead, I'm yet to establish his name, until then he shall be refered to as the 'one with the skinhead' 'k?

I'm all about Leona winning, but it just seems pretty pointless watching now. I like Ben but he thinks he's too cool for the X factor, that Ray is scaryness personified. I quite liked him at the start, but now he just scares me a bit and the Mcdoogals - wouldn't it be coolio-a-go-go if they won? I'd love, love, love them to do a Proclaimers tribute album.
That would be happy days.

On the subject of boybands - Take That are at number one - wohoo!

Now, I interview Mark Owen not so long back when he released his latest solo album and me, ever the optimist, was all 'So, do you think you'll ever get back together?' and he was completely adament that it would never hapen - I've got it on tape and everything!
Surprising how quickly the offer of fame and fortune can change your mind isn't it?
That said, I'm glad they're back together, I can't wait to hear their new stuff - it's on offer £7.95 on - I shall look forward to it coming through my postbox.
There was a time when I would of queued along with those crazy mccrazies who had queued since 6am Sunday morning to meet them today. Not now though, that is saved now saved for...I don't know who would I camp out for in the hope to meet?
Um...d'ya know, I just don't think I put anyone on that high a pedestal anymore - if that changes, I'll let you know!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The man and I went to Winchester on Saturday, which is a super-old place where King Arthur used to hang out.
I love it because there's lots of shops like debenhams, next etc., yet they're all packaged in olden days buildings. I like that.
We weren't there to shop though, we went to meet with friends for lunch and to take a sneaky peek at the Children's Book Fair.

I kept taking a sneaky peek over her shoulder at Jacqueline Wilson.
JW is too cool for school.
The man was very excited 'bout seeing Terry Pratchett who told him he looked like a character in one of his books, he was, and still is, officially chuffed.
It was only afterwards that we realised we were the only people there without kids.
That's because we were the kids.
Who would wanna go to a grown-up event when you could get to hang out with the Gruffalo and Horrid Henry?

I got a glimpse of my new website yesterday - we've still got work to do, but it's looking cute as a button and is a real reflection of the book - it's got it's very own zine that will be updated every week, so if you want to contribute - write a book review, interview a band, review a gig, want to shout about a craftster - just message me (if you're reading this on blogger - head over to leave your deets) and you'll be added to our contributors list ready for our January kick-off!

The book is still adoreable.
I still haven't been able to actually read it yet, I just keep looking at it from a distance, through my fingers.
Everyone at HC seems really happy with it, so that's good news, ed-girl is back this week and I know she was kickin' herself 'bout being away when it came in, but she was in NYC, so I have no sympathy, just huge pangs of jealousy.
I know I love it, I just hope y'all do now!

Anyway, you know how much I love these things...

A) Four jobs I have had in my life
Shop assistant - forbouys newsagent
Runner - SMTV:live
Magazine editor - Rant magazine
Agony Aunt - Mizz magazine

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
Only four? Moulin Rouge, Billy Elliot, High School Musical, Grease

C) Four places I have lived:
How embarrasing, I've only ever lived in Portsmouth - that's all set to change in the new year though - wohhooo!

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
Sex and The City
The OC
X Factor
Girls at the Playboy mansion - this is my absolute favourite, not sure it should be, but it's H-I-larious.

E ) Four places I have been on vacation:
New York
San Fransisco

F) Four Websites I visit (almost) daily

G ) Four of my favourite foods:
Green and Black
Tinto organic
I love me some chocolate...

H) Four albums I love:
Can't do albums of all time, but right now I'm listening to: Shampoo - Girl Power, Amy Winehouse - Back to Black, My Chemical Romance - Black Parade, Take That's greatest hits...

I) Four of my favourite books:
Namedropper - Emma Forrest, California Club - Belinda Jones, Gingerbread - Rachel Cohn, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

J) Four places I would rather be right now:
Eating fruit and pancakes in NYC, under a waterfall in Yosemite Park, eating cheesecake on the roof terrace of Macy's, Union Square, In the 'Absolute Love' suite at Hotel Pelarocco, Brighton laying in the huge bed with the sea view and rain lashing against the window. Sigh.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Yesterday was a real highlight of my year.

It started by purchasing The Sex and The City boxset in the cute shoebox as a celebration of having held a real life copy of my book. Would be rude x100 not to treat myself on such an occasion, plus it was reduced in Virgin to £49, which means I can now donate my slightly scratched and slightly illegal copies to my younger cousin Vicky. I was supes smug for getting it at such a barginous price.

I then bumped into my tres dee-lish friend Brett who was working the cutest ensemble of coolness. I couldn't contain myself, I had to show him the book. He did a squeal of joy and smooched my cheek.

Then, with three of my favourite people, Swanks, chevverchops and miss Sally, I had the very best amount of fun you could ever have in the big city.

We took a roadtrip, which really is one of my favourite things to do, had Dale's Disco Dance Tunes on the stereo and we sang and seat-danced our way to London. On the way we saw the most biggest, brightest, rainbow - I heart rainbows and everything they represent and it was so bright and vivid, it filled my little world right up.

I shared my book with them over coffee in a cute cafe that Swanks and I always visit when we come to London.
It was a bit of a moment.
They had so much pride and love for me, I got supes emotional.
Before tears occured there was shopping to be done and where better that Harvey Nicks.
Except I'm not good with the posh shops.
I dig Primarni and New Look and find it hard to justify spending hundreds of pounds on an item of clothing. I do however, love cosmetics and can happily justify spending money on tiny make-up and perfect items in bee-oot-iful packaging.
we dodged the black-clad purfume sprayin' dudes and dudesses, pausing momentarily at the Mac counter where a sugary-sweet latino lookin' lovely was wearing his black shirt unbuttoned to his navel. If ever in the Harvey Nicks vacinity, do visit. It's a sight to behold.
Forgetting that I'd already treated myself two hours previously, I purchased a bottle of Princess by Vera Wang - it's adoreable, it comes in the prettiest of bottles, smells like candy and comes with a free body lotion - what is not to dig 'bout that?
We then took seats in the 5th floor resturant where we raised a glass of pink champagne to celebrate all things pink.
It was another moment.

Then to the theatre.
I'm all about the theatre.
It was bathed in green light and the wicked witch of the west looked over us as we entered the Apollo.
It was incredible. Now I love me some theatre action, but never in my life have I loved a show as much as I love Wicked. The actress Idina Menzel blew me away. She opened the original show in New York and is now in London and she rocked. She had me in tears, as in proper sobbing. I'm going to be booking tickets to see it again in Jan as the man is mucho jealous to have missed out, apparently Will Young is being cast in the New Year too, a double whammy of fabulousness.

Life in Pink-World is officially supes sweet, and while pink bubbles, purfume and beautiful shows are a real treat, what really makes it dee-lish and fabulous are friends.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving - I heart America

I love the idea of a day of being thankful, why don't us Brits do it? You get to eat two Christmas-like dinners - mmmm and most importantly, you take time out to be thankful - what's not to love about that?

So, this is what I'm thankful for:

* my 1st book - thank you, thank you, thank you!
* the man, who despite regular visits to the boyfriend cupboard, I still dig on a daily basis...
* my friends for their love and support...
* Heidi Seeker accessories...
* being a writer...
* chocolate...
* the support of fellow writers...
* young people's endless ability to surprise you...
* the colour pink - and the fun it brings into my life
* Take That re-forming...
* pink champagne
* my ability to accesorise any outfit

And there are many, many more...What can I say? I'm a thankful girl

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's taken a whole lot of years for Think Pink to go from an idea in my head to becoming a real life, hold-it-in your-hands book, but today, the 22nd of November, saw all the dreams of being a real-life author girl come true.

I got an advanced copy of Think Pink.
It's beautiful x 1000000000000000000 billion trillion.
And it's got my name on it.

I keep looking at it from a distance, like it might bite me or something, and I don't know how I should be feeling so I dug out the journal where I had the original idea for TP in it earlier.

I'd spent the day with the man, we'd just started dating and to quote Beyonce, I was crazy in love. That evening I was meeting mr. Swanksville for some tea in his slightly smaller, but equally as swanky abode...I'd had an idea for a while but while Swanks was changing, (yep, if you're thinking I'm forever waiting for this dude to get dressed, you're right. ) I got to thinkin' bout this girl with pink tinted glasses - I started scribbling in my notebook about her, what she looked like, what her parents were like what she wore, who her friends were - I loved her instantly. As much as I loved the company, I loved my idea more and couldn't wait to get home to start hanging out with her.

Five years on, and a whole lot of proposals, chapter revising, finding agents, rejection letters, tears, nice lunches in London, meeting publishers, tears, contract signing, writing books, hanging with Lola, editing, editing some more, then a little more editing has got us to here...a real life book that's sitting on the table beside me.

I'm a proper author now.

The week s'far.

I've taken a train right outta grumpville and I'm now a fully paid up, live-in resident of pink-world. Life is so much sweeter here and that's factuality.

So...Monday I attended a meeting where all the cool kids from teen magazine world came together to discuss all things teen-magazine related, which is always really cool because when you're a freelancer, you very rarely get to meet the team and only converse via email...So I got to hang out with my fab Mizz team who are all so super glam and lovely.
Then, despite tube and bus strikes, Izzy managed to make her way across town and we continued our previous night's chat as if we'd never put the phone down!

If there is one thing we would win awards in, it would be chatting.
If there was one thing we would not win awards for, it would be be keeping to the subject...
Our conversations are like one, huge bad-ass spider diagram and can go from politics to music, to friends to clothes, to our mutual love of Primark to the state of the economy...
We were being total grown ups sipping coffee in Covent Garden, which seemed really, really weird because we used to sit in our bedrooms singing along to boybands, dying each others hair, talking about how life would be when we were 28, but it seemed like forever away, now it's here - it's good to know we're really no different.
Well, except for the fact we now get our hair done by experts.
And that she lives in a killer apartment in London.
Apart from that though, we still go off on tangients, we still have big dreams, we still disagree on out taste in boys - thankfully, we still love Take That and we're both still there for each other, always.
That rules.

Tuesday is my work day, as in work in an office with real-life people.
I work with the coolest team of people and look forward to Tuesdays so much because of that very reason. Of course there's the actual process of work involved, but that's secondary really to hanging out with Miss Sally, who is quite possibly the most adoreable person you'd ever meet and oh, so very wise - she also has very good taste in men (her husband is cuteness personified, but she is also able to appreciate beauty in others) along with a thirst for consumerism which in my world, pretty much makes her the perfect pal - so my day was filled with much laughter and lots of anticipation about our trip to London this Thursday to see Wicked with Sarah and mister Swanksville.
Swanks, having dumped his diva-esque persona, well...temporarily at least, is all about the shopping and is insistant on us visiting Harvey Nicholls and Libertys, who are we to argue?

The evening has been spend with the man, curled up on the sofa, chatting, sharing a chocolate bar and watching Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares. Cute.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The emancipation of Lili

You'll be pleased to know I am no longer residing in grumpsville.
While I might not be quite living in Villa Fabulous-o, I'm deffo a brighter shade of pink right now.

I think it has something to do with the reading.
For once, I took my own advice and I lost myself in Cafe Tropicana.
It's set in Costa Rica and made me feel all lustful for adventure, so much so that I stayed in bed today to finish it, it was blissful. I'm now left with a little sadness at having to leave the characters that I have only just met, but excited at the prospect of a pile of brand new books filled with fabulous new people for me to fall in love with, get mad at, cry with, shout at and laugh with...
My next book: Looking For Alaska by John Green

I also took advantage of the free fringe cut from my new favourite hairdresser.
Until now, I would have just cut it myself, but coz the dude is so cool, it would be rude not to get a dose of him between cuts. He was off to see Dita Von Teese last night, so we spent the whole fringe cut crushing on how fabulous she is. The fringe has made me look all fresh and new, and made me skip a little on my way home.

I did indulge in some TV watching too.

X Factor: Despite a bad choice of song and some v.suspect vocals, Eaton Road are still my favourite, I like the dude with the skinhead, mmm.
I also think Leona is greatness on a Mariah-esque stick but us girls can be really funny when it comes to voting. While it's always cool to crush on cute boys who sing and dance, we mustn't forget to support and give props to super-talented girls - it would be all too easy to hate on her coz she's pretty AND talented but we've gotta show each other love ladies, not just on the TV shows but out and about, even in public loos - if you see a girl wearing a cute-ass pair of shoes - tell her, if you see someone working a killer 'do - tell her, because girl2girl compliments/props rocks.

Other TV - I'm a celebrity - crushing on Matt Busted - he's a sugar-coated bad boy, what's not to love 'bout that? Ant and Dec's bits always make me laugh out loud and even make me snort a little. Not attractive.

A Mariah Carey uncut on MTV - diva at it's best! She has cards with words on for when she doesn't want to speak, she demands manicurists at a moments notice and she dines on the roof of her three story apartment that overlooks The Empire State Building with the editor-at-Large of Vogue - she's also quite good at that singing lark! I love the idea of having a show name, like Mariah is Mimi, a persona that you can call on when you need to flick the confidence switch - mine is Lili - she's a mix between Audrey Hepburn, Kelly Osbourne, Jem (from Jem and the Holograms) and Gwen Stefani - I'm working on being a bit like the pink-glitter-sprinkling Lili everyday!

I've just spent the last hour on the phone with Izzy.
Izzy is incredible.
We've known each other since the 2nd year of secondary school and bonded over Doc Martens and Addidas Gazelles, she's so incredibly talented and doesn't even know it.
She's totally infectious and now I'm off the phone after a conversation filled with music, politics, London livin', writing, work...I'm positively full to the brim with love, laughter and the knowledge that no matter where we are in the world, we will always be friends.
We're meeting tomorrow, she now lives in a super-cool pad in London and I'm in town for work stuff, and I just know that we'll be able to fill many more hours and still not cover everything we ever need to say.
Izzy rocks.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm writing today in a feather boa.
Pink, natch.
I'm hoping it will kick to the kerb the extreme version of grumpilumpitis that I'm currently experiencing.
Y'see, even pink thinking princesses get grumps. It's not right and it's not really okay either, but it happens. Luckily, a feather boa, some pink tinted shades, an injection of positivity and doing your most favouritist things will normally do the trick...

Well, s'far, so good, coz I'm now writing words, which I wasn't half an hour ago.
Granted, they're not words in a report that needs to be in next week, but they are words and that's a very good place to start.

On the favouritist things front, I did treat myself to a hefty dose of my gorgeous friend Chevverchops last night.
We chatted, ate pud thai (my very favourite dinner in all of the world) and then chatted some more, until midnight in fact! I had a sore throat this morning due to the fact we didn't actually came up for air at any point.

Reading is also another of my favouritist things to do, and I love nothing more than to lounge around with a book for hours. Except this takes time and right now, I don't have any.
This is rude.
Reading time should be the law so in order to make time to read more, I've made some rules:

1. I will quit reading every book I start. Life is short. There are too many good books out there to waste time trying to finish the bad ones.

2. Tape the programmes I REALLY want to watch, that way I can skip the commercials and control when I watch it.

3. Read books I enjoy. When I..m reading a book I love, I seem to make time to read during my day. Which is another reason to stop reading a book I dislike.

4. Get calm. When I sit down to read, I keep wanting to jump up and take care of some borin' snorin' task. But that..s no way to read, so I will chill my boots, as should you.

5. Most importantly, I will always have something to read. Never again, will I go anywhere empty-handed. Train journeys for example, I'm always on a train and instead of taking a book will usually buy Heat at the trainstation. No more. I'm going to be all about the books.

In fact, I will complete the report in the next hour - no blog watching, no email peeking, no myspace commenting so that I can read some more of my current book du jour: Cafe Tropicana by Belinda Jones. I love, love, love her books especially The California Club - she's ultimately travel-girl chicklit, her female characters are so well formed and the stories always take you on a real adventure - Belinda, you rule.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Did you see Take That on Paul O'Grady yesterday?

I reverted back to my 13 year old self and reached for the video record button, it was all I could do to stop myself from ringing round my gal pals to tell them they were on the TV.
Because that's what we used to do.
That's when we weren't bunkin' school to follow them up and down the country, booking into the same hotels as them, hanging outside venues until stupid o'clock to get pix taken with them and generally making our teen lives all about Take That.
Oh, I loved Take That. Fact.

Y'see, before all this fancy schmancy Myspace malarky, there were things called FB's - friendship books.
You would fill in a page all about yourself, stick in a photocopied pic and pass it on to a penpal, who would do the same and pass it onto another penpal, you would then make lots of friends with similar interests all over the world - god, it seems positively retro now!
It did mean that you got proper snail mail, which is still, by far, my most favourite thing in the world - I still jump with excitement at the sound of post hiting the doormat, even if it is mainly from some dude called Bill. Grr.
It also meant that I made some of the coolest friends, who I'm pleased to say I still keep in touch with - loving you Claire - who loved Take That and we became like a network, allbeit a slow moving one in comparison to the Myspace and Bebo etc, passing photos, arranging meet ups at venues, sharing stories - dude, they were fun, fun times.

Take That were so much cooler than real boys.
For one, they didn't call me names like the dudes at school and two, they were a whole lot less threatening than real boys, what with them being pop boys and all. You could put them on a pedalstal, kiss their poster at night and hang out with your favourite gal pals all over the country trying to catch a glimpse of them.

Until recently, I used to look back at my teens as a time when I was bullied, was a swot girl and was totally dorky and unattractive, but seeing Take That ten years on (TEN YEARS? When exactly did that happen?) has just rebooted all the happy things 'bout being Teen Lisa in the world.
It ruled.
I loved Gary btw.
In fact, I still do.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Now I'm not a political kind of girl, but there are some things I get crazy mad about and one of them is ignoring the fact that our world is in a bad-ass mess.
I have friends who think it's not worth recycling because they can't even begin to right the wrong that China is currently creating.
That 'tude sucks.
Just as we've polluted our world to the point of climate chaos, we also have the resources and the knowledge to save it.
If we choose, we can make those politician types take the action needed.
They can't resist us all, right?

So, I got me a copy of 'I count - your step-by-step guide to climate bliss' - it's a fab, fun and quirky book filled with real ways to help stop climate change and got me to thinking 'bout Christmas. Bear with me on this one...

I love Christmas as much as Santa Claus, but when we start the festivities in November and do our big city lights switch on a day after bonfire night, we are using up a whole lot of electricity - couldn't we just start celebrating from Dec 1st?
That way we wouldn't be like Scrooge asking for Christmas decorations to be removed all together - but we could save energy all through November - simple!

Anyway, I'm not getting on my pink soapbox, I'm just putting it out there - we can make a difference, and recycling WILL help, turning electrical items off instead of leaving them on standby WILL help, reusing carrier bags WILL help.
For more info on what WILL help go to:

Monday, November 13, 2006

my day...
I am still poorly, but don't worry I'm not looking for sympathy.
No, really I'm not.
But if anybody did want to send me grapes and chocolate do feel free!

I was totally prepared for another day of TV watching but, was then hit by the realisation that I wouldn't get paid if I didn't work, that's how it works when you're self-employed.
That sucks.
So I sat at my dining room table and attempted to work. I've done surprisingly well too. I did break at 12 coz I heard Jordan and Peter were on This Morning, I don't care what anyone says about Jordan. I think she rocks.
She's a hugely successful business woman, she's willing to give anything a try and while I may be the only one, I'll deffo be buying their album of duets. I mean, can you seriously think of anything more deliciously camp?
Exactly, no you can't.
They're adoreably cute together and I just love how over-the-top she is, she had what looked like an entire animal clipped to her head, which I'm assuming was a hair piece and huge-ass eyelashes for a daytime telly show. What's not to love about that?

Whilst working I also headed over to, my site du jour, where I accidently ordered the new Pretty in Pink shopper which I justified to myself because it is so unbelievably huge that I will never need another bag ever again, which is, of course a lie, what with me being a girl in the world. I also accidently purchased a pair of trash girl gloves - they were just too cute not to buy. I plan on working my new Alabama-esque ensemble on my trip to Disneyland which is in a few weeks - wohoo!

I also checked over some gossip blogs that I subscribe to who informed me that...
Jude and Sienna have split, again.
Posh Spice doesn't drink water, only diet coke.
Nicole Kidman - Is she/isn't she?

My head is officially filled with fluff. Is that wrong?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

As I've got germs, I've had a day of TV and magazines - it's the only right and proper thing to do when you're ill.
I have watched a lot.
Starting with Popworld, I then discovered a programme on MTV called The Hills which is like Laguna Beach but in Hollywood - so bad, yet so good to watch...
I'm now watching that Make Me A model, fancy that Waz going home? He did seem a lil bit arrogant, but he was so easy on the eye, shame.

While all I'm doing is telly watchin', I have no exciting news to share so I've nicked Sam's quiz thingy - sucha sucker for these things...

1. Story behind your myspace song:
I heart HSM mostest, and Sam finally found it after days of us both searching so she let me nick it! "...I'm sooooaaaaaring..." What's not to love?

2. What month were you born in?
November - it is officially my b'day month right now!

3. Where do you live?
The Pink Palace, Portsmouth

D E S C R I B E Y O U R . .

4. Wallet:
I have two - not coz I have loads of money or anything, but my man bought me a cute-as wallet from Fossil in SanFran which I keep all my credit cards and stuff in, but I also have a yumsville Heidi Seeker cassette purse to keep all my change in too!

5. Dream car:
An old school pink nissan figaro - adorable - I'm saving up right now!

6. Toothbrush:
Pink - natch.

7. Jewelry worn daily:
nose ring, tounge stud, my engagement ring, two rings that the man has bought me and my watch - the rest is accessorised depending on the outfit!

8. Pillow Case:
cream jersey pillow cases - cosy anf warm for the winter - I have 4 sets!

9. Eyes:

10. Single or taken:
Taken, but still able to check out hotties - well, it would be rude not to!

11. Cologne/Perfume:
Hugo Boss Deep Red - dee-lish.

12. CD in stereo:
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black and My Chemical Romance - Black Parade

13. Piercings:
nose, tounge, 8 ear piercings

W H A T A R E Y O U . . .

14. Wearing:
Pink PJ's and pink fluffy socks - I'm ill, ok?

15. Wanting:
my nose to stop running and for a huge bar of chocolate to appear...

16. Something you are afraid of?
A world without pinkness - how awful would that be?

17. Do you like candles?
what a funny question?! Yep, I do...

18. Do you like the taste of blood?
how random... not particularly...

19. Do you believe in love?

20. Do you believe in soul mates?

21. Do you sleep naked?
No, I love my pj's too much!

22. Do you like seafood?
hell, yeah - love it!

23. Do you remember your dreams?
Sometimes, normally I 'member the bad ones though. Boo.

24. Do you consider yourself a study freak?
I was! I was a complete geek girl, I am however proof that the whole studying lark pays off - I didn't do maths tho, maths sucks.

25. Do you like tattoos?
I do, I love, love, love them - I love them on me and on other people

26. Do you believe in miracles?
I'd like to, but I think you have to work to make the good things happen in your life

27. Do you burn easily in the sun?
I do. Boo.

28. Do you speak another language other than English?
French - not fluent, but I can deffo muddle through!

29. What's something you wish you could understand better?
How to save money and not spend it on superflous goodies!

30. Are you shy around a crush?
Oh no, I'm skirty flirty!

31. Last incoming call on your cell phone?
Vix - telling me that she had found her lost boyf. Phew!

32. What's your favorite restaurant?
Ooohh, there are too, too many - at the moment, I'm lovin' chez Swanksville, otherwise known as mr Swanksville's house, he's too good at the cookin' lark and beats any resturant, hands down!

33. Last time you swam in a pool?
I'm not happy about getting a pool that small children pee in.

34. Britney Spears is a skank. Agree or disagree?
Disagree - I'm team Britney all the way!

35. Music?
Too much to list...lovin' TT new single, Amy Winehouse,The Killers, The Pippettes...

36. What was the last thing you bought?
Grazia magazine

37. Does someone have a crush on you?
Johnny Depp obviously, but we've decided that neither of us are going to do anything about it, what with us both being in relationships and all!

38. What shoes are you wearing right now?
Pink fluffy slippers...

39. Do you have a garden?
Yes, it's the prettiest garden you'll ever see!

40. Where did Waldo go?
Who's Waldo? Is that like where's Wally?

41. Best movie you've seen in the past month?
The Guardian/High School Musical

42. Who were the last people you went out to dinner with?
Vix and I went to Martin's house for dinner, does that count? Other than that I went out with Susie last week to Strada, a posh Italian chain - the pizza is dee-lish...

43. Are you a good cook?
No, and I am very lucky that the man is a riddiculously good cook otherwise I would starve...

44. Do you know how to pump your own gas?
I don't drive, maybe I'll learn when I do!

45. Do the Chinese really use cats in their food?

46. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?
I did, it was quite a cool black and red combo though!

47. Last thing you ate?
A special K bar

48. Think fast, who do you hate right now?
I don't hate anyone, but I dislike George Bush

49. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
my dad, he's out now though...

50. Where were you on Valentine's Day?
At home with my man watching Ghost - I love that film!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up (Complete MV)

We heart Gwen!
I've got germs. Boo.
I've got germs.
I pride myself on my vitimin C taking ability, yet this morning, I have woken up with sore eyes and a runny nose.
I shall maintain vitimin C taking and when the shops are open, I'll go buy that lemsip powder that tastes like sherbet.

The thing is, I was actually expecting a sore throat.
The Vix has been practically evangelical about her new 'puter game, Singstar. The Martin - who, I can't continue talking about without mentioning how completely fab the guy looks in eyeliner, he's total rock boy chic - offered to have a Singstar party at his house and cook us Chilli with dips.
I said I'd bring Haribo and cheesecake.
So to recap: Vix, Martin and I, Singstar and yummy food.
That, my friends, is the ingredients for fabulousness. Fact.

Never have I laughed so much and so hard and I now have this new found empathy for those dudes on the X factor, 'coz singing is hard.
If you've never heard or played the Singstar you are you are seriously missing out because I'm even contemplating getting me a nintendo just so I can play it. According to Vix, there are a whole series of Singstar, last night we had Singstar Party, Singstar Pop and Singstar Rock - personal fave. You then pick a song, of which there are many and you can then sing a solo, a duet or you can battle with your friends, we did a lot of battling, and the words come up like in Karaoke but you get judged on holding notes, pausing in the right place and getting the words right. At the end you score points and in a SImon Cowell fashion are told whether you're a wannabee, a rising star, and ametuer or whether you are in fact a Singstar Suerstar.
This is officially the best game you'll ever play.
You think it's going to be so easy, but even McFly's 'Obviously' which I'm not ashamed to admit I know all the words to, is so much harder when you're trying to score points.
You get proper microphones too, and for anyone that's never held a microphone, you really embrace the whole popstar thing when you're holding it and at points, I completely forgot I was in Martin's front room.
It's that good.

Martin won the award for actually looking like a popstar working his whole Killers/Johnny Cash fusion, Vix won for actually sounding like a popstar and I got props for effort and enthusiasm - I even closed my eyes and did a crazy hand movement to The Scorpian's Wind of Change.

It wasn't about the competition, which was good what with me not being good and all, and lucky it seems as Martin and I were totally unaware that Vix is a musical showgirl. She can properly sing, hold notes and everything. At first we thought it was because she had had more chance to practice, but actually, she's really, really good, like a real-life singer.
My personal highlight was when I scored 'Rising Star' whilst singing Ronan and Yusef's 'Father and Son'. I put it down to my attention to detail when pronouncing my words with an Irish twang and growling like he does, in all the right places.
I rule at Ronan.

We sang so much that we even forgot to eat our dessert.
I know, crazy.

This was very different to my Thursday evening where I was hanging in the boudoir of a near naked hottie who wasn't actually my boyfriend.

Don't fret, I was merely playing both Trinny and Susannah to the sweet-as-sugar Mr Swanksville during 'Operation wash-that-man-right-outta-my-hair. My name for it, not his.
Again, I had a yummy tea cooked for me, drank more of the pink bubbles that are constantly on ice at a place as swanky as his, and laid on some ridicculously expensive bed linen as I became the Simon Cowell of outfit choosing. His wardrobe is a myriad of super-swanky labels - natch, but while they may have an expensive price tag, there were some, and admittedly they were few and far between, that needed to be kicked to the kerb in a fashion not dissimilar to an ex of Britney's. It was so much fun, I took my role very seriously and as we chose a series of combinations, it was like having a real-life Fashion Wheel, like I did when I was a kid.

Life is all about the dream fulfilment and when you have friends like mine, it happens on a daily basis. How lucky am I?
Talkin' of dream fulfilment, Atoosa, editor of Seventeen magazine in the US has just resigned, like that wouldn't be the best job in the whole world? Editor of a hugely succesful teen magazine in the best city of all of the world - I'm just off to fill in my application now!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Girls, check this can't compete with a team of stylists and a dude working photoshop, so don't even try - you're fabulous just as you are!
I heart Stephen King.

You'll be pleased to know that the man is now out of the cupboard.
Only so that he was able to experience how a real treat should be organised.
He loves Stephen King.
There's a chance he loves him a little bit more than me, which although rude and wrong, I'm dealing with what with Stephen King being 60 and living a long, long way away in Maine, except he was in the country yesterday and I risked our relationship by taking him to a live Q&A/reading thing in the London.

I've never read the Stephen, me bad.
But it seems the dude is all kind of crazy popular, with over 2,000 people turning up to see him in the middle of a park in Battersea.

SK fans are like Star Trek fans, that's what I decided.
Wanting to collect anything from the day they met Stephen, there was this one guy who was clutching a poster he'd just taken down from the wall so tightly the print was leaving a stain on his white shirt. There was this other guy who was complaining that SK may not be signing. Dude, there's 2,000 people here! He's 60 and his hands are precious. What would he prefer? A scribble in one of his books or for the SK to continue writing books?

The man was beside himself with excitement and when the Stephen came on the stage, he was the only one to start whooping in the highly reserved British audience. Bless.
SK has a touch of the legend about him, the room filled with a heady buzz when he was in it and in a room of 2,000, I think that's a pretty cool thing to be able to do. He's got this really dry sense of humour and when the constant hum of aeroplanes began to annoy him he 'joked' about them crashing on our head. I was all about the nervous laugh at that point, but according to the man, that's how the SK's head works. Hmmm.

Even if you haven't read his books, for would-be writers, the man is an inspiration. I came away bubbling with ideas and positivity about my fiction and came away with this little gem: "...Reality is the wall we bounce our balls from..."

The man is one snotty - he's got man flu, but v.happy dude right now!

I'm also fabbos too and am planning to add a whole lot more words to my Nanowrmo project over the next week, cheers mr King!

In other news: Kevin Federline has now become Britney's Fdex! Good girl, it's about bloomin' time - he is a bad, bad man miss Spears and he should of been kicked to the curb along time ago.

I'm a big fan of the Britney - even during the trailerparktrash days - but now she's shed pounds - a whole man in fact, I have no doubt she's gonna kick some serious bee-hind! I know we never really know what goes on in a relationship and unfortunately, because they inhabit celeb world, it does mean that people think they're entitled to an opinion, me included. Now, I'm sad because there are children involved, but it really is the best thing - I am officially a Team Britney member - you go girl!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The b'day - continued.
So, I think the b'day celebrations have finally ended, how rude.
Where was I? Friday...
Friday was not a highlight.
The man was in need of severe cupboard time after Friday.
I was asked to do housework because his mum was coming down, I was wished a happy christmas in my less than impressive birthday card, but yes, I did receive a trip to Disneyland which you'd think I would be happy about. Well, yes I would if I was actually going to Disneyland.

In my card was a hotmail print out of the trip details - I gave an excited girly squeal when I saw the word Disneyland - yay, he really did listen to me, he really does get me we really are destined to be together forever.
Or not.

So, he points out the price. Wrong.
He tells me that the price doesn't actually include the price of getting into Dineyland. Wrong.
He tells me we're flying. Wrong.

Before you assume I'm ungrateful 'bout it all, it's just I really couldn't of made it any clearer about what the plan should of been to fulfil a lifelong dream of mine - a eurotunnel trip right into Disneyland to see the pink castle and a marching band in the parade. That's all.

Currently, I have a flight to Paris.

If we were writing the man's relationship report right now it would have, in huge red letters: must try harder. Lacks attention to detail.

But then, to ask me to do borin' snorin' housework because his mum was coming down. Well that just took the biscuit.

There was only one thing for it...
Cupboard time.

I'm aware that this is not terribly Think Pink of me, but I'm by no means perfecto - I know, who knew eh? - but when you have the boy types in your life there are going to be moments like this, my friend Sally told me and she's been married a long time, so she should know.

While the man had cupboard time, I met with some friends who appreciated my fabness. I drank diet coke and gave my friends makeovers in the middle of the pub. Martin - you really wear mascara well!

Saturday - London baby! My fabulous friend Cathy who is a kick-ass, amazingly talented author lady was having a pamper party for some lucky competition winners at her publishers, which is a very swanky locale on the bank of the Thames, right next to The Savoy. And most importantly, they had a pink glitter floor in the lift - very cool. We had an absolute ball, author Meg Rosoff was there too - she rules, we had a really great massage and ate pink fondant fancies before heading out to the balcony to watch the sunset over London - so, so beautiful.

I then met up with the fabulous LK today, who took me to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes - which, if you've never been, is coolsville personified - for Brie burgers and Woo-woo's and for a huge helping of gorgeous people! We ate and talked - a lot, and spent a lot of time admiring the kick-ass girl gadget of beauty that she had bought me, it really is rather fabulous and most importantly, is called Lola golightly! It's far too prettilicious to use, so I just keep looking at it!


We went to lunch with the man's mum. I wore my very best smile.

Yesterday, I went to work, which I can't really call work because I really do have the best time ever when I'm there, got a much needed hug from miss Sally and ate the new boy's cakes. I also checked out locales in my city for a TP party, it's all quite expensive but I'm never going to have a first book out again am I? Then went to tea with Susie and Kev, who bought me pretty Benefit make-up. Happy days.

In other news: mr swanksville and I, hot on the heels of our Joseph exploits, are now going to go high culture, he always has been, but me? Not so much. and we have got ourselves tickets to Rufus Wainwright at the Palladium in Feb - so excited.

Book news: I get to see an advanced copy of my book soon - wohoo. Unfortunately, my editor won't be there when it comes in, what's even worse than that, she won't be there because she'll be in NYC. Now that really is rudeness. I'm hoping someone else might send me a copy in her absence. Please?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

So, did I miss the memo?
Because I was thinking Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was a biblical story with sing-along-to songs - turns out it was camper than a row of pink tents at Christmas in Gaysville - j'adored it mostest! It was quite possibly the best afternoon I've had in like, oh, I don't know, forever?! It was the best!

Turns out H couldn't manage a whole 7 days worth of work and cried off this afternoon's performance, which, at first I was mildly aggravated by, but it turns out his understudy was a whole lot of cuteness so while I will still be writing a letter of complaint, I will be praising the fabness of his much cuter, easier on the eye, understudy in the process.

The show was just the best.

I did understand why Joseph's bro's got a bit annoyed with him and sold him to the Egyptians tho, he was one bad-ass showoff with that technicoloured coat of his y'know - braggin' bout how 'I look dashing, I look smart, I am a walking work of art...' To be fair tho, he really was working that coat, he looked hot to trot!

Anyway, I persuaded Mr Swanksville - who, you'll be pleased to know seems to have moved through his 'total diva' phase - to partake in some clapping, whooping and singing along, he was wearing Armani (see, he really is swanksville) and had previously been worried about the small child next to him getting ice cream on his threads, but even he couldn't resist a rousing rendition of 'Any dream will do' - paying particular attention to the 'ahhhh, ah's'.

It was really quite, quite fabulous!
Bday week - the story s'far

Forget just having one of those boring snoring one-day-a-year birthdays, I'm all about the week long celebrations!

So...Monday, I hung out with miss Vix, ate yummy food and got Sabine mail from Gemany which I am not going to open til tomorrow!

Tuesday - on Tuesdays I work in an office with by far the coolest group of people in all of coolsville, and they completely exceeded themselves in the celebration stakes! my totally fabulous friend Sally had created what I can only describe as a desk of pink fabulousness for me to work at! There were pink sprinkles everywhere and I had a tiara and feather boa which I wore all day long with complete pleasure - I also got fab, fab presents from Sally and the lovely Sarah which I shall re-open and re-love all over again tomorrow!

The whole office went for a feast of cheesy chips to celebrate with me which was just such a treat, we then ate cakes and chocolate in the afternoon yum!

Then...I know, it's not even over yet, Sally, Sarah and I went to the cinema where we indulged in Marie Antoinette - I adored it.

It was completely decadent and watching that much cake even made me feel a bit queasy, which is virtually unheard of, it was a really interesting story too, a real reflection of modern day society - she was like an olden days Paris Hilton but with much prettier clothes - I love, love, loved it - we then went for a glass of wine where laughed lots and the entire highlight of my day was having Sally's dee-lish husband come and pick us up and drop me to my door - whatta legend!

Yesterday - I went to the Isle of Wight and then in the evening met The Man at Gunwharf where we danced in the square like nobody was watching, except they were, but we didn't care and we went to see the film The Guardian.
Well, I thought it was going to be another of The Man's action movies, but was more than willing to sit through it on the basis that I might catch a glimpse of Ashton Kutcher looking all cute and stuff.

But I was wrong.

It was probably one of the most moving, heart-string tugging films I've seen all year. I thought it was incredible.
Basically, it's about the US coastguard and I won't tell you anymore because I really, really don't want to spoil it for anyone that might go and see it, because the whole not knowing made the film so much better for me.

Today, I've been visited by my step-dad with gifts and cards and I'm heading to Southampton with my friend from Swanksville who is taking me to see Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - H from Steps is Joseph, it's going to be campness personified, I can't wait!

As for tomorrow, The Man and I are going to celebrate bday together so am keeping all gifts and cards till then!

Man, I feel like a proper princess from princessville!

It does mean that the novel has only got 1,0502 words - will work on it next week when it is no longer my bday!
Oh. That makes me a little bit sad.