Monday, April 30, 2007

Is it wrong that I've watched this 5 times in the last half hour?

Boo to Seamus.

No Seamus, it was not a conspiracy theory, you were voted off because you're a teeny tiny bit on the arrogant side, and that is not a quality the British voting public like, mister "I'm far too good for this competition."
(although, in an earlier post, I did admit to crushing on him a bit for that very reason, does that make me a bad person?)

Yep, I am totes obsessed by the Josephs. They're my new favourite thing. Well more specifically, Lee is my new favourite thing.
Hello there.

Ohh, let me tell you 'bout my yesterday, The Man and I went to Weymouth, that's where the man is from y'see.
If you've never been, you've totally got to go, it's by far the most beautiful, picture-perfect seaside town in the entire UK and yesterday, in the sunshine, it was positively showin' off!

It was whistle stop tour that included:
visting parentals, checking out new decor, cake-eating - The Man's mum puts my cake-making efforts to shame, her chocolate sponge cake is the cake equivalent of Lee from Joseph-yumsville, discussing the qualities of Natasha Bedingfield - I heart her mostest, it seems The Man's bro hearts Natasha too but for TOTALLY different reasons, The Man's mum's man taking us to Portland Bill where we ate ice cream and I got nostalgic for a TV programme I used to watch as a nipper called 'The adventures Portland Bill', visiting grandparentals - which is by far the highlight of my day because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Man's grandparentals! They're in their 80s and are still so in love it makes my heart spill over, they're also the best storytellers ever and I could listen to them talk ALL day!, more eating, a long car journey home and the best nights sleep I've had in pretty much forever!

I am now so filled up with good stuff, that I KNOW this week can be nothing but fabulous - hope yours is too!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

So it's the gap between Any Dream Will Do, I did turn over to watch the Grease programme but it is so unbeelievably shodsville it makes me cringe, AND Kavana is on there, I used to crush on him at Radio 1 roadshows.
Not so much.
I don't like to shout about the fact I'm in on a Saturday night, but I have been a totes social butterfly this week - Wednesday, I got my gig-girl on and went to rock out with Juliette and The Lick - she was too cool for school, and her band, well they were permanent residents of skinny-hipped guitar boy land, a place I plan on going to on holiday this year - who's coming?
They were dee-lish!

Thursday, the man and I had VIP tix to a new club opening in town. Now, I am NOT a clubbing kind of girl, but I love me a swanky event AND the fact that Miss Sally, Lou and Dru were going too made it an invitation that I decided to RSVP to.
We really shouldn't have bothered.
In fact we kinda didn't. We arrived to a marching band, which, if you ask me was the highlight of the entire evening - I LOVE me a marching band, I was in one as a nipper y'know - happy days. The club itself was nice enough, but I just don't think I've ever been a clubbin' kind of girl really, I love to throw a shape or two, but to The Stone Roses and Primal Scream NOT some crazy-assed beats. We made a swift exit and headed to the local pub where we laughed our sox off all night, much more fun.

Then yesterday, I met with my fab friend Mark to celebrate his b-day - he'd invited lots of people I hadn't seen for such a long time so the evening was spent catching up over diet coke - I made my excuses at 8.30, though as I had to walk across town to get home for Ugly Betty - what? While Mark is incredibly fabulous, I don't have a vid recorder and I can't afford to miss another UB especially when Walter's girlfriend was coming to town! Which is why, tonight, it's just me and the Joseph boys!
Who wouldn't be happy with that?

The dream is over for hot-to-trot Anthony as he was stripped of his Joseph coat in the earlier show - sad, sad days - he was so superhero good looking, when he sang Close Every Door I cried.
I'm sad like that.
For non-Joseph fans THIS is Anthony.

You'd be crying too, right?
Luckily though Daniel and Lee, my total favourites, seem to be blowin' everyone out of the water - wohhoo! What's that you want to see them too?
Oh, if you insist!

Daniel = yum.

Lee = yum x100.

Okay, so we're back AND there's loincloths - sweet.

Back later!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thanks to the gorgeous girls in the office, my last day at the Tuesday job was so-oo dee-lish-ously fabulous!

My desk had been decorated in pink fairy princess prettyness and miss Lyds - she's a Rainbow Leader y'know, had made a li'l sign for our cake stall AND more cakes - chocolate with pink icing and jelly tots, mmmmm...

As if that wasn't enough, the gorgeous girls in the office then paid £2 to come to lunch with me - how great is that? We made a total of £46.50 towards my Walk New York fundraiser - wohhhhoooo!

I'm sad to not hang out with the ladies on a Tuesday, but I'm really excited to be a real, proper freelance girl now - I've just got my first commissions for Bliss magazine and plan on more pitching today and tomorrow, I'm delivering some Think Pink workshops in May, which I love, love, love because it means I get to finally meetsome of the fabulous readers, the new book - Beauty*Licious is out June 4th - still haven't seen it yet - so excited 'bout it though, and I've got some fabulous projects lined up that are top secret, but I'll share them with you just as soon as I can - coz I'm good like that!

I went back to school yesterday - yep, I'm properly learning!
I saw a documentary couple of weeks ago with Davina McCall 'bout how sex education here in the UK is some of the worst in the world - now, that makes me mad x100.
Us girls need to know what's going on so we can be as feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous as possible, but how can we do that if we don't talk about our well-being, how to look after our sweet-selves, how to say 'no'?
That's why I think PSHE is so important and I am totally madness personified that it's not on the curriculum - so, instead of stompin' my pink croc-encased foot, I've decided to do something about it, I'm studying to become a practitioner, which means I can go into schools and deliver PSHE - cool eh?!

In other news, my ed-girl got to go to the Spiderman 3 premiere earlier this week, now if that wasn't cool enough, she got to meet all the Josephs.
I am green with envy.
Her insider info revealed that Lee was rocking a sexy grey suit and is now her favourite, Anthony was hot, Seamus is evil, and that Chris B really does have A LOT of teeth in his mouth.
I am still jealous she got to see 'em in person though - how do I get me on that show?

I didn't really think Johndeep deserved to go this weekend, I think Ben, while very cute, is a li'l bit out of his depth. Lee is by far my favourite, Daniel is a vay, vay close second, although I too am crushing on Anthony, I like Rob the builder coz he reminds me of Lee Sharpe and Keith has a voice I totes adore but he really should be in McFly!

You know how much I like lists, so this week my list is - things I would like right now...

Lee from Joseph. On my arm. Permanently.
A copy of Beauty*Licious.
Beef Hula Hoops.
Natasha Bedingfield's new album.
A Marc Jacobs bag.
The Ella Fitzgerald album on the advert.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Today I heart cupcakes and accessories of fabulousity.

So today has been every kind of fabulous.
One of those days you wish you could bottle up and crack open when life is major-league sucksville.

I heart cupcakes

Tomorrow is my last day at the Tuesday job - sad days - but with the help of sweet Lydia, a too-cool, make-it-happen kind of girl, we have turned it into a shameless fundraising event for my New York half marathon - so, I'm havin' a cake bake, yep, as in I, Lisa Clark, bake cakes and sell them for charity...
BTW: if you haven't sponsored me yet, you can do it over at: plug plug!

I thought a cake bake would be the perfect opportunity to channel my inner Nigella.
Not so much.
I'd arranged to bake with my pops as he is vay fabulous in the kitchen, apparently, after today's attempts, it seems I didn't inherit that gene.
It started badly when my pops blew me out on arrival - he had a TV to go buy - leaving me in the kitchen, alone.
Needless to say, I messed up, Nigella was not channeled, and my pops' kitchen still smells of burnt cakes that I had put in the microwave for too long...

Who knew you didn't put 'em in the microwave? I mean seriously, who knew that?
Not me.

Pop's came back, laughed at me - what's funny? - and managed to 'knock up' a chocolate sponge cake AND 24 cupcakes while I watched E! Entertainment on Sky!
I DID decorate them though, I made icing and everything and then added my own li'l touch with Love Hearts and sprinkles!

Cute, eh?

I love items of fabulousity

I love post. I love post with cute things in it.
Today's post was most deffo post with cute things in it. I got this totes adoreable clip from the sweet-as-sugar Lucia at - there's an interview with Lucia vay soon over at Pink-world, keep checkin' in for more deets - don't you just love it? I feel like a hula-hula girl when I wear it, which will be basically all the time from now on, I heart it!

I also got a blast from past when I got my very own 'truly outrageous' JEM necklace from the sparkly-gorgeous new supertalent that is Princess Sparkle Pants - we'll be showcasing these girls vay, vay soon, until them check out their myspace at:
Before Lola, there was Jem.
Forget Barbie, Jem was my most favourite doll of all with pink hair and flashing earrings - she was my total hero-girl.
Now I've got a Jem necklace. Happy, happy days!

And it's reversible!

Could life be any better?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I don't like being scared.
I scare easily which is one of the reasons I don't watch the news, besides the fact it gives you wrinkles, and I don't want wrinkles, not one little bit.
I can't even watch Inspector Morse.
Which is why, when I read this
"Do one thing that scares you every day"
a quote from the uber-cool chica Eleanor Roosevelt, I didn't get it.
Why would anyone actually want to do something that would make them scared? That's just stupid, right?
Then, I read author girl and lady of fabulousness, Meg Cabot's blog and she said she was scared of public speaking.
Now, I've seen this lady speak and she'll rock your socks, but she reckons she only got good by scaring herself into actually doing it in the first place.
She took baby steps, she started by talking in front of small audiences, she got good at that, then scared herself a bit more by upping the audience numbers.

I'm all about the baby steps.
I'd love to be one of those chicas who make huge life-changing decisions at the drop of my Kittypinkstars hat, but while I love a drama, I just can't do it.
What I can do though, is dream hugely and take baby steps.
When you dream hugely, no matter what your background, where you live, your current situation, ANYTHING is possible.

Some people don't dream hugely, they reckon it saves them from being disappointed.
Some people dream, but let their current sitch dictate whether it's possible or not - eg. "I want that fab pair of kick-ass trainers but I can't afford them. Oh well, I won't have them."
Other people, the pink thinking types will dream hugely, will paint a world of fabulousness filled with everything they want - they'll see it in their head, they'll write about it, they'll think about how great it will feel to wear those trainers/write that book/own a Prada handbag - they'll then most importantly, work out how to make it happen, create a plan of action, set goals, set deadlines.
That's where the baby steps come in.

You wanna write a book?
Well, start by writing a list of all the things that need to happen in order for that book to become a reality. Number 1, and actually the hardest part of all, is to write it.
Haven't got time?
Make time. Schedule an hour a day into your diary like a proper date with your sweet-self.
Can't dedicate an hour?
Get up earlier. If it means that much to you, you'll make time.
If you write for an hour every day, pretty soon you'll have a whole book on your hands.
See, baby steps.
It's all about the baby steps.

So no excuses 'k? I've never read that book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' but people tell me it's really rather good.
I dig the title.
The point, is that you can't let where you're at now, decide where you'll always be - I'm from a single parent family, lived on a council estate, was overweight and struggled for money. I was told I wouldn't succeed and that people like me - whatever that meant - shouldn't waste their time dreaming, because the good stuff, the exciting stuff, the fabulous stuff didn't happen to people like me.


They were wrong.


So, do one thing each day that scares you, take one step further towards your dream - reach for the stars but reach for the closest one first 'k?

To quote one of my all time fave films: "'ve gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?"