Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The world is most deffo a brighter shade of pink this week...

Germs have officially been banished - whoop, whoop!

It's my birthday on Saturday - wohhhooooo! I love birthdays!

And the Man and I went to Weymouth this weekend to visit his fam - we ate a LOT of food and went to the fair!

I LOVE the fair.

I love the smell of candyfloss, doughnuts and fried onions, I love the whirring and bright lights of the rides, I love the bad europop soundtrack that's always playing and I love, love, love the shoot 'em up games.

The Man, like the knight in shining armor that he is, won his fair maiden, that's me, a stuffed dog!

The Man's Mum's Man won her a toy bagpuss.

I, however, won nothing, nada.

Load 'em up Lisa they call me!

I didn't win. Sad days.

In other news:
November is NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month! It's a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.

Loads of fabulous people are taking part, including uber cool author of The Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot and my new author boy crush, Neil Gaiman, and now, me too! This year I will be working on the first draft of my next Lola Love book, safe in the knowledge that over 80,000 people will be working on their book too!

To find out more, and to join in, head over to the NaNoWriMo website: www.nanowrimo.org Let me know too, and we can be NaNoWriMo buds!

Oh, and a big, huge, glitter-filled THANK YOU to absolutely everyone that has sponsored me, supported me, attended my events and helped me to raise £1,474 s'far for The Childrens Society! Wohhhooooo!

There's still time to sponsor me: www.justgiving.com/pinklisaclark
as I'm off to NYC on Friday 9th Nov, and will be doing the 13 mile half marathon on the 10th - I'm so excited! I get to hang out with my fabulous-o email bud Keris, walk the streets of my favourite city, while raising money for my favourite charity, with a teensy bit of time for shopping and meeting my bud Roland and the fabulous boys from Fredflare...Happy, happy days!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Found this, LOVE this.

Cutest thing EVER.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm still not talking about it, but I've finished a version of the fiction I don't entirely dislike. Whoop, whoop.

Now it has to go to ed-girl who will do what ed-girls do and cover it in red pen, it's just like being back at blimmin' school!

I'm also no longer producing green snot, which let me tell you was just wrong, and to celebrate my first day of not wearing track pants and the hoodie that's the size of a small country, The Man took me to see Stardust.

Oh my stars!

It's the most magical, funny, amazing film you will ever see!
It's not the same as the book, and I do recommend you read the book because it's ace. In fact, I have my first ever author-boy crush on Neil Gaiman The Man persuaded me to go see him at The Bathkidslitfest, and now I'm crushing.
1. Because he's rather fabulous looking
2. Because he writes books that I LOVE
3. Because he used to live opposite my Cousin Vix's house in Portchester, and now he's an amazingly huge author boy - that's super, super-inspiring.

Anyhoo, the film...so, so good, different to the book, but in a very good way.

I also remembered how much I love Claire Danes - I loved her in my-so-called-life, I loved her in Romeo and Juliet and now I LOVE her in this movie - she rocks.
The Stardust website is also worth taking a look at too...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm back and I'm less snotty - thank goodness. It was green and it was stinky.
That's just wrong.

I also looked a complete train wreck - refusing to wash my hair-do because my head hurt so much, did not an attractive Lisa make. I'm guessing the Homer Simpson slippers and the hoodie that's actually the size of a small European country, did not add any glamour to the overall look either.

I've also caught up on my deadlines, well, except the Lola fiction books, but I'm not
talking about that.
It hurts my head.

So, unfortunately due to my whole no-procrastination rule, I've done virtually nothing apart from type words and feel a li'l bit sorry for myself for being so poorly.

I did celebrate my cousin Vix's 18th b-day with her which was lots of fun!

Look at my cuz Nikki in the background - such a cheezer!

The gorgeous girls at Sparklepants created some one-of-a-kind pieces for me to give her as presents, we ate yummy food - well, apart from the waiter dudes taking forever with our desserts which meant we didn't have them in the end, which is sad days for me, because dessert's my most fave part!

Swanks, Miss Sally and the very hot Stu went to see a preview of Kylie's White Diamonds documentary.
I love Kylie, in fact, Kylie was the first album I ever bought. Closely followed by Jason Donovan and New Kids On The Block. On cassette. Er, why am I suddenly feeling like I'm a 100 years old?

Still, as much as I love Kylie, I really could have waited 'til it came out on DVD because 2 hours of Kylie and her gay husband calling each other 'dear' was not entirely my idea of entertainment.

Luckily, the company was rather fabulous and more than made up for it!

And that is the full extent of my social life to date.

I did stop working to watch X Factor though. Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?!

I'm a bit disappointed in the quality this year, but I'm hoping they'll step up over the coming weeks, I'm guessing performing live on a huge-ass stage, and to the TV nation might be enough to effect your performance...

What Lisa thinks...


I think he's been getting such bad press. He's not arrogant, he's confident and that's a blimmin' good thing. This dude is crazy talented, and he's the only one who's performance I would look forward to each week - go Rhyd!

Cute factor goes to Leon - ADOREABLE

I know it went a li'l wrong, but I admire him for trying something different - I'm a huge fan of Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum so I dig what he's doing and dang it, the dude is cute to look at, right?!

I was gutted that Kimberley went - she was brilliant and had a total pin-up girl look going on and she was normal and not screaming wannabee like those Hope girls.

Please do not get me started on those Hope Girls.

I don't do bad-mouthing and think that bitchin' on fellow girlkind is just not right, but seriously, everything about the way those girls have been put together is so freakin' contrived.

I love the girl that did most of the singing. I loved her in the auditions, she was so cool and kooky, now she's just been cloned into a Simon Cowell production-line girl. Which is why I was really not surprised by the outfits they were wearing on Saturday night, just disappointed.

What else? Oh I watched my first Rugby game too.
Wish I hadn't have bothered.
Those boys do a LOT of hugging.

What else?

Oh I have loads of book, zines and blog recommendations for y'all too - next time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm not being a slackster I promise, I'm just being a non-procrastinator, which is a totally new experience for me!

I've got a crazy amount of work deadlines - books and magazines - so am working really hard at the moment. I know, how modern?
Hopefully, after Monday, I'll be able to resume a normal existence of blog reading and TV watchin' but 'til then, this pink lady has bills to pay, and that means work! Still, it's not like I have to work in a borin' snorin' office, I'm hauled up on my sofa bed under a pink blankie listening to the Clueless soundtrack on repeat!

Oh, and I do have man flu bought home from The Man's office. Grr.

I will tell you all about my cousin's 18th, my trip to see Kylie's White Diamonds, my fabulous post, my new zine discovery and other random things of nonsense next week, promise.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yesterday, I had a totes chick flick fest of fabulousness - Clueless, Princess Diaries and 13 going on 30 - it was the stuff of blimmin' dreams.

I'd forgotten how much I freakin' love Clueless!
As in LOVE it!
It was my bud Izzi and I's ultimate teen movie back in the day - every generation has THE movie that is totally theirs - y'know, the the movie that they recite lines from, borrow vocab from, sing the soundtrack from - and Clueless was most deffo ours.
And 12 years on, I'm still doing it - The Man emerged from his writer-boy room and caught me reciting entire scenes to myself!

Clueless is most deffo in my Think Pink, happy-girl vanity case for future glum days - LOVE it!

Because I have busy, busy, busy friends, last night was the first of my birthday celebrations - whoop, whoop!
It was the very gorgeous Martin's birthday last week and it's the too-cool-for-school Vix's bday next week so combined, we had a joint evening of muchos fun times!

Unfortunately for the quality of the blog, but fortunately for all of us involved, there is no photographic evidence of last night's proceedings, which is really, really good news seeing as there was A LOT of dizzy water consumed!

The absolute highlight of the evening was a wine-covered chocolate button being slapped on Vix's forehead...I'm trying not to make it one of those 'had to be there' moments which I HATE people telling me about, but now I've typed it, I've realised there are no words and no way of telling you how funny that moment actually was...
We also did Singstar which you know is my most favourite thing in the world and as always Vix and I did our so-much-like-Ronan-it's-like-he was-in-the-room rendition of Father and Son - we are so good!

The very gorgeous Martin, who looking muchos HOT, HOT, HOT in a shirt and tank top combo also shared his AMAZING news with The Man and I - he's got a cool-ass new job in Ireland and is moving there in November - whoop, whoop!
I'm really rather sad that one of my most kind-hearted, best-dressed, best buds will no longer be livin' in the same town, but this year has been a tough one and he totally deserves new, fabulous adventures and the best bit, I get a new penpal and I LOVE penpals AND The Man and I get to go visit him at Christmas time - love Ireland, love Martin - happy days!

Martin and Vix in a rare non-dizzy water moment!

In other news: Recommended reading: I nicked The Tao of Pooh book from Adam's house last night and it's brilliant, I can't put it down!

Despite those bad posties going on strike and ruining my morning post buzz, yesterday made up for it when I got post from Knit and Destroy!

I ordered two pink knitted hair bows and they came in the most fabulous wrapping, with a letter on cupcake notepaper from the gorgeous creator, Miss Kandy - what's not to love about that kind of post?!!

I will take pictures of me modelling the cute accessories from Cutesville as soon as possible...

Anyhoo...I'm back to Lola world now, catch ya laters!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I LOVE Take That and I HEART this song so much.

I'm also muchos excited about seeing the film Stardust that's it's from.
The Man and I went to see Neil Gaiman at the Bathkidslitfest last week - he's the dude that wrote the book the film is based on - he was awesome and if you haven't read the book, I totes recommend it, you've got a week and a half before the film comes out!

I shall continue the lovin' theme by sharin' other things I'm crushin' on right now...

The Sugarbabes new song - so, so good.

The bigger-than-life-size poster of Take That in the M&S window - yumsville.

Pom pom making - I've been making them as decoration for a friend's b-day pressie, just call me craft girl.

Kate Nash - she's talented, cool, funny and has uber cool dress sense...

Staring at the stars
- get yourself a rug and a blankie and go star hopping - make a wish!

My camera - it's still such a thing of beauty. I've got nothing to take pictures of at the moment though, due to the fact I'm tied to my desk, literally, writing and eating Jaffa Cakes wearing the same baggy track pants and tee I wore yesterday. And that is so not photograph-able.

What you lovin' at the moment?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome to Lisa's Procrastination Station!

This is a new feature and one that I'm sensing may become a regular fixture now that I'm writing fiction, because while writing fiction is muchos fun, it's very hard.

When you see the PS symbol - you'll absolutely know I should be doing something else!

Really, I just can't kick my bee-hind today. So, instead of forcing myself to write words which of course is what I absolutely should do, I'm gonna work at channeling my inner superstar and pretend I'm being interviewed for Smash Hits...Atch, is that even still around??


1.When did you wake up?

About 6am, I had a scary dream and accidentally kicked the wardrobe door waking myself up - ohhch.

2. Who’s car were you in last?

Manda's new Chelsea tractor - it's the size of a small country, you'd think she was having 10 babies, not 1!

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?

The Man might get a cheeky peck if he's lucky!

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
I'm working a homage to Blondie today - it's a long black tee with a silver 70s punk girl print. Rock on.

8. Last movie you watched?

Factory Girl - surprised myself at how much I liked Sienna Miller. I don't like her as a rule. The film was great but did kill a few illusions of Andy Warhol I previously had. Boo.

9. Last thing you ate?

Tangtastics - a whole bag. To myself.
Is that bad?!
They were deelish, so actually I don't even care.

11. Where did you sleep last night?

In my bed, which I have dubbed "The Vortex" for how comfortable it is, except when I have scary dreams and wake myself up, obv.

13. Are you happy right now?

Not totally. Ideally, I'd like to go back to bed and start today all over. I'd also like to have finished writing chapter 20 but neither of these things are possible today. In general though, life is really rather lovely.

14. What did you say last?
"...No! Really? I don't believe you!..."

15. Where is your phone?

On the sofa...

16. What was the last museum you went to?

The one in Edinbro with the Andy Warhol exhibition - Awesome!

17. What color are your eyes?

Chocolate brown.

19. How was your weekend?

Lots of yummy food, bingo, two rows of knitting, Ugly Betty and X-Factor and fab friends.

20. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
Luckily, not never - been out with some shockers but they didn't harm the heart, just the self-esteem - boo to bad boys. Shaggy haired, book reading indie boys are the bestest by far.

21. Who/what do you dislike currently?

The new Li'l Chris vid - have you seen it? jeez. That girl group on the X Factor who Simon has blatantly put through because he fancies them, People who don't have manners - oohh that makes me mad, people who choose to be ignorant and disrespectful of other people and what we're doing to the environmentals and people who don't Think Pink obv.

24. What is your favorite store?

I love nothing more than a fabulous online accessory store - heidiseeker, knit and destroy, Princess Sparklepants are amongst my favourites...

33. What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?

I don't drink, unless it's pink champagne obv.

34. When is your birthday?

November 3rd - that's in a minute peeps and I LOVE presents!

35. How tall are you?
5' 9"

40. Who made you laugh today?

My ed-girl's pics of her bday party on Friday over at Facebook - muchos funny!

41. Do you have any expensive jewelry?

Why? Are you plotting to rob me? I don't actually - I'm all about the plastic, but am obviously not adverse to anything white gold with diamonds!

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?

I'm an only child - No, I'm not spoilt, and yes, I can share ok?!!!

54. What was your favorite subject in school?

English and Media

57. Do you have any talents?

I can string a few words together and make pretty books, I can play the drums, I can spot a pretty boy at a 100 paces, I can sing all the words to all the songs from HSM 1 and 2, I can procrastinate and I can apply liquid eyeliner, and can accessorise really, really well.

63. Do you want to be famous one day?

What?!! You mean you've never heard of me?!!

73. What are you doing today?

Procrastinating - A LOT, returning emails, writing the next chapter of my book - well, that's what I should be doing!, making a compilation CD to inspire me to write and searching ebay - it's research 'k? Lola totally loves Ebay.

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

Why, Lola Love of course!

79. Last thing you cooked?

Sorry? I don't do cooking. I had shredded wheat for lunch - yummo.

82. last time you cried?
At Ugly Betty on Friday night... I thought it was meant to be a blimmin' comedy?!!
So did you see Ugly Betty 2?

I had a fam thing, but did rush home for the 10pm repeat - Channel 4+1 - I heart you!

Firstly, The Man needs serious TV watching training. This obviously needs to be added to the ever-growing list of things they need to teach at boyfriend school - when is that EVER going to open? The Man would be signed up in an instant, I love him, but he has A LOT to learn.

Anyhoo, he took the opening titles of UB as a cue to start talking about something totally unnecessary.
Boys are really rather silly, because why would he do that and not expect me to go a bit crazy mad, especially since I'd been raving 'bout UB ALL DAY?
Needless to say, he was instantly banished - harsh, but absolutely, categorically fair.
Especially since, I cried.

Question: Did I have a touch of the emo, or was the bit where UB's big sis realised her husband was actually dead not the most saddest thing you ever did see? I made crazy amounts of eye water, the kind that creates snot and everything. It was not pretty.

I am so glad it's back, and for future info, all Friday night invites will be declined.

Saturday was like Christmas day since my new camera arrived.
I don't know whether it's really right for a girl to get mucho excited over a bit of techno equiptment, but I'm a total art girl and LOVE taking photos, so have treated myself to an uber cool super funk-da-crazin' camera of gorgeousness!


It looks retro yet has all the things a spangly fandangled new one has - and it shoots movies - it's fair to say, the blog will be much more photo-filled, movie-filled, from now on - just got to work out how to use it!

I also went to Bingo with Vix and Ad - it was my second time and I have to say, I LOVED it even more this time because I actually understood what I had to do! I didn't win anything, but the adrenalin rush was worth every penny - I really don't know why people bunjee jump when they could just play bingo for an hour!

I am so gonna have a Bingo-in' mad birthday party - 3rd November, fact fans - I can't wait!

Vix and I then had a Saturday evening of yummy curry, chocolate, chatting and Teev watchin' - happy, happy days! Spending time with your favourite people doing not much at all is really the very best way to spend your time - this is factuality.

Guess what? Boots have their Christmas catalogue out!
This may sound like crazyness but is very helpful when you're trying to make a Birthday and Christmas list - did I mention it's my b-day soon?!! If you could remind The Man at some point that would be fabulous!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Before I start, I have to positively gush about how much I LOVE the Radio 1 double CD of covers - I got it this morning and it's been on repeat all day...

My favourites are:
Lola by Robbie Williams - the song is my favourite song in the ENTIRE world and yes, it was the absolute reason why I named my first ever fictitious character Lola! I also heart RW a whole lot so, for me, it's quite possibly the dream combination and makes my heart all kinds of happy!

Cupid by Amy Winehouse - I love anything this woman does, well apart from creating a matted hair-do on top of her noggin and hurting herself obv.

Careless Whisper by Gossip - so, so good. 'nuff said.

Ray of Light
by Natasha Bedingfield - I am lovin' this muchos much.

Actually, there's not a single song I'd skip and that's pretty much unheard of for me, what with me being a fickle fickler of fickleness! It's my totes recommended purch of the month, beside the HSM2 soundtrack of course, but seriously, that's a no-brainer right? because surely EVERYONE should own a copy of that by now!
This pimpage has not even been bought by r1 types - I paid proper pennies for my cd and everything, that's how much I'm diggin' it!

Monday, October 01, 2007

So much to tell - so hold on tight, and I'll take you on a whistle stop tour of Lisa World right now...

This weekend The Man and I were in the beee-youtiful city of Bath at the Bathkidslitfest - muchos fun and fabulousness. Highlights included: staying in The Strawberry Room of our B&B - it was top to bottom pinkness. Literally. Personally, I don't think you can ever have enough pink in the world, but apparently, according to The Man, you absolutely can. It was pink chintz-tastic!
Meeting Eoin Colfer - super cool, Irish author dude who wrote Artimis Fowl, The Man was beside himself! Amanda Lees' How to be a Goddess session - I got a trainee goddess sticker and everything, it was brilliant! If you haven't read her book Kumari - Goddess of Gotham I highly recommend it!
We also went to see Cathy Cassidy who had queues out the door - mucho popular lady, and super scary Neil Gaiman who was really rather hot for an older man, in fact, I think I've got a crush.
I'd have liked to have seen Louise Rennison too, but she was on at the same time as Amanda Lees. Boo.

I am in LOVE with the city of Bath. Fact.
It's olden days with fabulous-o shops, Johnny Depp has a home there - happy days,
and if I needed another reason to love it, which I don't, but if I did, check out this pic that my adoreable Mizz Ed, Julie took when she went to Bath the week before...

Things I'm lovin' at the mo...

Bath - both the city and the bubble-filled bathing type...
Walkers Sunbites in Onion and Rosemary flavour - yumsville.
Re-discovering this on Youtube:

I LOVED it when it came out but I'm lovin' it so much more now! I'm making it part of my daily routine to either watch it or listen to it once a day - total pink thinkin' fabulousness!