Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Is it hot enough for you?

Okay, so I know I've been away for like, forever and I won't bore you with the deets, but it's been a li'l bit sad in my world o' pink and I really didn't feel much like blogging, so I took a li'l time out.

I haven't been hiding under a duvet eating chocolate and feeling sorry for myself though, well, at least not all the time, I've actually been hanging with Lola and the Pink Ladies - Cupcakes and Glitter Shakes is with the designer dudes and Time to Shine is about to be handed in...

So, for those of you who have been sending me lovely 'Er, where are you?' emails - thank you soooo much for carin'btw - you rock and rule, let's answer all your questions...

Q. Are you okay, Lisa?

A. I am now, thank you!

Q. Is it true your workshop at Edinbro book festival has sold out? I didn't get tickets!
A. it is! How crazy is that? There was me worrying that no-one would turn up and it went and sold out! I'm sorry if you didn't get tix, but I'll be at the book festival all day - so please feel free to come along and show some love, I'll be wearing pink, natch.

Q. Er...Lisa, where are the fiction books? Weren't they meant to be out in July?

A. You're right they were, except there's been a delay and they're now coming out on the 3rd November - my birthday! - how fab is that? It's not really that long to wait, so hang tight!

Q. Lisa, did you know you've been shortlisted for Queen of Teen?

A. I only just found out and I'm positively filled-to-the-brim with gushy stuff - thanks so much to all you fab pink ladies who nominated me, I'm glad the books have had such a positive impact on your world - it's amazing! Have you seen who else in the shortlist? Jeez Louise! Only the likes of blimmin' Meg Cabot, Cathy Cassidy and Sarra Manning - total inspir-o-girls in the land o' Lisa - crazyness. If you get the chance, head over to - there's a Q&A with me and all the other fab shortlisted authors, oh, and you can vote for me too!

Q. Are you still working on

A. I am! You should really head over there if you haven't been for a while - it's full of awesomeness! We've also got a new super-cute downloadable section so you can pimp your myspace, bebo, msn etc with allsorts of Lolafication - go check it out!

Q. Are you gonna still keep blogging?

A. I am, I love me the blogginz! But I'm only going to be blogging over at from now on as that's my author-girl blog and I'm trying to spend a li'l less time on the 'puter, so don't worry, I'm not leaving you hanging, I'm just gonna keep it all nice and simple and hang out in my world o' pink from now on - please come over and if you haven't already, bookmark it, so you don't miss out on any of the fabulousity 'k?!
Be sure to comment and come hang out - if you go over there now you'll see my latest famous schmooze - it's a good one!


Hannah said...
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Anonymous said...

Good morning Lisa

Glad you are back blogging. I was going to vote but Im (too old} unless I turn the numbers round. Enjoy Edinburgh book festival. xx