Saturday, June 07, 2008

I've been watching back-to-back SATC.
For the past two days.
I've been writing too, so I'm hoping no accidental rudie nudies have made their way into the world o' Lola - don't worry, I'll double check before sending it to ed-girl.
I really forgot how freakin' ah-mazing this programme is. I just can't stop watching it. Feel like those girls are my gal-pals too.

In other news, my super-cute Amelie/Muiji doll fringe is quite the comedy act. Because it's so very short, it only remains straight for approx. 2 hours after washing, then it thinks it can make it's own decisons about what way it wants to sit, which, FYI, is NEVER the way I'd like it to go.

The Man and I are going to be in Marie Claire.
It's a teeny tiny feature about relationships and The Man and I did it as a chuckle, but they sent a photo-boy down to the seaside and we had a photo shoot and everything. We pretended we were super-famous and we were shooting for OK! magazine like Katie and Peter as we frolicked on the beach. I couldn't do it every day, but - shhhh, don't tell anyone - but it was a li'l bit fun!

Right, gotta get back to the book, I'm thinking, in the style of my current TV gal-pals, that to celebrate finishing this particular book, I'm going to buy this Betsy Johnson ring - ADORABLE. It's deffo enough to keep a girl tip-tapping, I know it's not all about the pretty things, but it is a li'l bit.


dreamergirl said...

o you gotta post those pictures once they're in marie claire. that's so cool!!!


Diane said...

yes, let us know when MC is out (hopefully I'll be back by then?!) and I totally WANT that ring! x