Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ssssh! Don't tell The Man, but I've hooked him up - and me, obv. - tix for Bon Jovi this June - I am so freakin' excited!

It's The Man's b-day on the 14th April, so I've gone and become one of those hella cute-as-a-button girlfriends and bought him tix for his B-day - I am hanging on in there for my Bestest Girlfriend in the World EVER award that I'm sure he'll award me on the 15th April - tee hee!

Oh, don't worry, he doesn't read my blog so I'm safe with him not finding out and I'm also safe in letting you know that his pressie is a li'l bit about me too - yep, I crush on JBJ!

Now I know I crush a LOT, and I know my crushes vary quite considerably - from the far-too-young Zac Efron and One Night Only lead singer, right through to John Barryman, Ronan Keating and yep, Jon Bon Jovi but at least I'm not predictable, right?
So The Man's B-day present is a win-win love in - hurrah!

Can I say, I've just watched Gavin and Stacey and it is by far the funniest programme on TV right now, my jaw is aching!

Anyway where was I? I've admitted to my crush on JBJ...Oh, I know, I was quoted in the blimmin' Guardian yesterday!
How swank am I?

It was an article written by a journo-lady who didn't have much love for the colour pink and thinks it's damaging to young girls, as you can imagine, Author and Mizz magazine agony aunt, Lisa Clark - that's me! Tee Hee! - was telling the world how great pink was and how it's the colour of all things girl!

Swanks and I went for yummy scrummy dinner on Friday and drank pink wine - it was my first interaction with people I dig, well apart from The Man, obv., and it was lots of fun. Swanks, who went to Japan earlier in the year - not jealous. Much. - bought me some super-cool Japanese magazines and I bought him... a diet coke. That's fair, right? The mags are awesome and are total proof that I've really got to get myself a trip to Japan soonest! In my journal I've even created a wish page where I'm planning that an ah-mazing Japanese publisher might buy the books and that I get to go on a book tour there and eat yummy sushi and buy kawaii cute accessories by the truckload!

Oh, and guess what?
The Man and I have been going to The Edinbro book fest for the past four years now, and last year I said to him, "I'd really love to appear here next year!"
So, in my journal I cut a picture of me signing a book, along with the Edinbro book fest logo and guess what? I've been asked to host a Think Pink workshop - whoop, whoop! I did a rather embarrassing happy dance when the letter came through the door, and every time I think of it, I have to sit on my hands to stop me busting an 80s body-pop move with excitement! A date hasn't been confirmed yet, but as soon as it has, I'll post it up!

I'm now watching the car-crash that is Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love - this is bad and not even in a good way, I'll still watch it though - I'm a sucker for reality TV.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Friday treat of fabulousness on this grey, rainy day - I LOVES it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something weird is happening here at the Pink Palace.

Very weird.

The Man is cleaning.

He's clearing cupboards, there's bin bags involved and most importantly, he's not involving me.


I don't know what's initiated this sudden burst of spring cleaning in my beau, but I'm not complaining, we both HATE cleaning, but I get attacks of the girl-guilts and give in way before The Man ever does, so this sudden get-up-and-clean 'tude is completely welcome! Well...that is until he discovers bags and bags of accumulated 'stuff' and 'nonsense' that I hoard in every ickle space of our teeny tiny house - I do work from home remember, and I do need every issue of every magazine since 2000 - I really do, and yes, I do need 84 pairs of shoes and I absolutely positively need ALL my bags...Does that sound convincing enough for you?

I think I'll just keep my head down and work at pretending to be really, really busy!

I've got lots to do actually, but do you know what I've gone and done?

I've gone and started reading Jordan: Pushed to The Limit - it's so bad, yet so, so good! I knew this would happen, I'm a totes sucker for autobiographies, and the way they're written is so highly addictive that I know that when I start, I just can't stop!

This is no exception, I'm finding it really hard to put down, when I take a green tea break, I keep snatching a few pages in between - I also plan on watching the teev show tonight too - it's offish, Jordan/Katie is my guilty pleasure!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't know why my pictures were so teeny-tiny last time...Weird.

This is my dream car, have never seen it in this colour before, I signed up for driving lessons on the basis that this car WILL be mine - j'adore!

I don't know if I've mentioned, ahem, but this time next week, April 1st in fact, I'm going to have 2 brand-new books in the shops - it's not even an April Fools joke - it's real factuality.

C'mon, look at these li'l beauties - between them, they have EVERYTHING a girl needs to rock and rule in the world and, most importantly, they're gonna look hella cute in any boudoir. Fact.

I would LOVE it if you could buy one, or even both of the books. There, I've said it, I know it's cheeky, but I really would love it if people bought 'em.
You can buy them online - Viva La Diva here, It's A Girl Thing here or you can pester your local bookstore to stock them if they're not already - that would be just coolio-a-go-go! I'll thank you by running allsorts of fabulous comps next week to celebrate - I've got some fab goodies up for grabs!

While I'm biggin' these books up, but I don't think I've really got my head round it, when the review copies arrived, I got really excited - The Man and I had a green tea and hot cross bun to celebrate and well, that was kinda it, I just got back on with the job of writing, but this week, knowing they're going to be out there for everyone to see, I keep getting big rollercoaster-sized belly flips of excitement - two books, out at the same time? That's just freakin' awesome!

The Pink Parade is coming to town!

I'm gonna confirm dates with my fabulous blog tour hosts tomoz and I 'll be posting the dates over at on Friday - whoop, whoop!

Blog tours are the bestest - you get to hang out at your favourite blogs, they treat you like you're a superstar and you get to travel the world in your cupcake PJs - it's the dream! Although, two of my tour visits are in NYC and I really wouldn't mind hanging out there in person!

Web world
I have been all about this week - I've been working on the website and have discovered yet another perk to my job - interviewing cute boys!

I know, what's not to love about that?

As if writing about Lola all day and getting to call it a job wasn't fabulous enough, I now get to interview famous people too, and guess who my first interview is?

One Night Only!

OMS! So excited, have retreated back to my 15 year-old self and am trying with all my might not to be an embarrasmond-o type, but hey, I can't promise anything!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Can you believe I only got one Easter egg? The queen of all things chocolate, got one Easter egg...It may have had something to do with the fact that I asked people not to buy them for me, but I didn't actually mean it, did I?
Well, I did as I'm working at cutting sugar out my life - won't bore you with the deets - but I was totally expecting the man to maybe share some Cadbury's Creme egg love - they're my weakness, but apparently, in the interest of my well-being, everyone did as they were asked, the mumma gifted me money instead which was much more fun than chocolate and will be spent on make-up goodies from Debenhams later today - hurrah - prods are the new chocolate! Anyway, I polished the one I did have off in one sitting last night while watching Pride and Prejudice and am now pretending that I didn't.

So Friday was date day for The Man and I, we had some quality boy/girl time and went walking in the countryside, we went to castles....

I love me an old castle - this is really near where we live, yet we've never visited it before!

This was The Man attempting to be all arty...

This was my attempt at being arty...

We ate yummy food and then curled up on the sofa to watch the recent Take That concert on DVD - he asked to, I didn't even have to make him! It was a much-needed fun day in the world of The Man and I - hurrah!

Saturday I went for a 2 hour walk at 7am in the morning in the pouring rain - loved it, 'cept I felt a bit poorly for the rest of day so was spent lounging and reading and drawing and making Easter cards and watching bad TV...

Sunday - Egg Day! Did I mention I only got one? I spent the day with my mumma - we went to a craft fair in the morning where we chatted to lots of arty people and I discovered this lady who's work I am now totes in heart with - she's going to do art classes in a teepee, I'm signing up!

I admired my mumma's Easter tree - who said Christmas has to have all the tree fun? It's gorgeous isn't it? I love it and it makes me smile just looking at it!

We went to my Auntie Val's for yummy Sunday roast - I defy ANYONE to try and beat my Auntie Val's Sunday roast - it's just not do-able, I am now the size of a substantial house, but it's worth it, coz it's so freakin' yummy!

Today I am 'spring cleaning' - not housework - I'm not crazy! - but my head - I'm making the vision board I said I was going to do back in January, I'm going to make a list of all the things I want to do before I'm 30 and music-wise, I'm going to alternate between Moldy Peaches and The Clueless soundtrack - yep, I'm going retro, y'all!

Oh, I also discovered I love toasted hot cross buns, I've totes been missing out on a taste sensation!

Okay, life update...

Finished Candy Girl - big thumbs up! Am reading a book called The Red Book it's about being a Spiritual Cowgirl - I'm loving it. The author Sera Beak is brilliant at making all things spiritual completely accessible to girls who also like to shop and eat chocolate too - also revisiting one of my favourite books, Succulent Wild Woman by Sark, it fell off the bookshelf last night, so I figured it was telling me to take a li'l look, so I did and I forgot how much I loved it - Sark rocks!
You got any recommendations?


Rockstar by Nickelback - cannot shift it from head and don't particularly want to - love it!

frequently worn outfit or item
A really un-attractive grey fleece hoody - It's 3 sizes too big, but it's so freakin' warm and comfy I feel like I'm cocooned in cotton wool, I bregrudgingly take it off to sleep at the mo, if I'm not going out then this baby goes on!


Charlie Red - slightly retro, stupidly cheap but never fails to get a compliment!


My auntie Val's sunday roast - if I didn't put on a stone every time I ate it, I'd pay her to make it me every single day - that's how nice it is...


Green tea - have taken to drinking it through a straw as I'm worried it might stain my teeth!

guilty pleasure

A pleasure should never be guilty should it? These four days hve felt a bit guilty though as I really haven't opened a word document once which just feels so weird, I have been scribbling in a note book though, and I remembered how much I love writing in felt tip pens so that's what I've been doing, it makes me feel 5 again!

bane of my existence

there are things that are slightly annoying and irritating, like my bank balance not being bigger than it is and the fact I'm not sat on a veranda in San Fran looking out over the bay, but I'm pretty bane free right now!


My next two books Viva La Diva and It's a Girl Thing coming out in just over a week's time - agggghhhhhh! I'm also looking forward to hanging with my Lola buds Lindsey and Sophs on Thursday - they make work fun x 1000!


Um...will post that after an afternoon of cutting and pasting and dreaming and wishing...have a pink glitter-filled day!

Please tell me about your current loves and wishes!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

This weekend has been all about the mumma.

She deserves a lot of lovin' right now, especially after losing my step-dad only two months ago, but despite dealing with all the sadness and loss and re-adjusting to being on her own, she has totally been there for The Man and I. Spending this weekend with her was not only a welcomed relief from the non-stop workload, but it's made me realise just how lucky I am to have her. We haven't always got on, and sometimes we still don't, but the way she's dealing with it all is a total inspiration - mumma, you rock!

So, on the subject of things I currently love and heart, beside my mumma....

The Man, natch. Oh, and I'm still crushin' on Chris Fountain - go, Chris, go!

Candy Girl - Diablo Cody - it's a bit rudey, but I love her style so much I want her to write a million books/films. And why is she not my gal-pal?! We would totes be BFFs.

Alphabeat - makes me want a tambourine to bang. Now.

Frequently worn outfit:
A black jersey wrap dress from New Look - so comfy, v. flattering and can be completely funked up with pink accessories - j'adore.

Makeup item:
Wanna B lip creme by - lasts forevah.

Pink by Lee Stafford, it's dee-lish and I've had compliments-a-go-go since I've been wearing it, quite possibly about to become my signature scent...

White chocolate hot sauce - if you live near a Slug and Lettuce gastro pub, check it out - heaven.

Guilty pleasure:
White chocolate hot sauce. I was so planning to give up sugar, but then I discovered this. it's a freakin' taste sensation. Sigh.

Bane of my existence:
Deadlines. Pah.

Spring. I'm totes over this winter thing.

To become Diablo Cody's BFF, a pug dog and Chanel's holographic nail varnish please.

Tell me what you're lovin' and hearting right now...

oh, and if you're lucky enough to have a mumma, go give her a hug...