Monday, June 25, 2007

It's like blimmin' autumn outside - I LOVE it!

So much so, I'm just back from a walk on the beach in the pouring rain - it was blissful - I had pink wellies on and a pink kagool, chances are I looked ridiculousx100 but it felt ah-mazing!

I'm thinking I'm prolly the only chica who is diggin' autumn in June, right?

Just to remind you, I LOVE the sunshine, but do not like heat, it plays havoc with my hair do and makes me feel like a sweaty, pink mess - not attractive.

I LOVE rain more - I love splashin' in puddles, I love rain on my face, I love being in the bath and listening to the rain on the skylight - LOVE, LOVE, lOVE it!

What I love more is that I plan on having a duvet day watching the entire My-so-called-Life dvd boxset!


Because I can! How fabulous is that?

Y'see, I've created Lisa's bliss-kissed list of fabulousity and for AT LEAST an hour a day, no matter how busy or hectic life may get, I have to do something that's on the list...

My list s'far...

Reading - I do this already, but I read a lot of books for work so I plan on reading a lot more chick lit for total dee-lish pleasure!

Taking props from Lola, have filled-to-the-brim bubble baths - aaaaah!

Meet The Man for dates - I LOVE it when we meet after work and go out for tea and cinema...

Read Elle and Oprah magazine from cover to cover EVERY issue

Walking – I dislike proper exercise but LOVE walking while listening to Doris Day on my Ipod

Pain toe nails - LOVE it!

Watch DVDs - totally immerse myself in a different world - on the bliss kissed list of DVDs to watch on rotation are the Audrey Hepburn box set, the Marilyn Monroe boxset, Sex and the City boxset, My-so-called-Life boxset

The list is on my office door so if I ever get stressed, I can remind myself to take time out and do something I dig instead - I totes recommend it!

If you missed My-So-Called-Life the first time round, you've totes gotta go buy it - it's teen angst at it's finest - the characters wrench at your heart and the dialogue is so sharp, witty and soulful - j'adore! Oh and it's when I first fell boob over bum in love with Jared Leto - j'deffo adore!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Life got a li'l bit too real lifey yesterday and no matter how hard I looked for my pink-tinted shades I just couldn't find 'em.

Luckily, The Man knew the best solution - a trip to the cinema to see Fantastic 4!
So, so good. I LOVED it.
Do you know what else I loved? Chris Evans looking all HAWT - mmm.

So, first - big hugs and glitter sparkles to all the Pink Ladies who have left messages in my inbox 'bout why I've not been bloggin' so much - shux, did you miss me?!

The world of me includes:

Over the next 4 weeks I'm hosting some rather fabulous Think Pink workshops at Portsmouth City Girls School - we had our first session this week and the girls were ah-mazing!

Girls, if you're reading, can't wait for next week!

A trip to Brighton with my fabulous friend Bella - we used to be penpals when we were younger and we'd follow boybands up and down the country - ah, happy, happy days!
It was so good to spend a day by the sea with her, we talked, shopped, talked, ate chips, and talked a whole lot more...check out Bella's pix so much better than mine!

Do you reckon I can work the 'mermaid' look?

I don't like being able to see the water under your feet - can you tell?

If there was a poutin' competition, I'd like to think Bella and I would win!

What else? I went to see Ocean's 13 last week and crushed on Brad. Hard.
That was a treat!

And, as much as I love live music, I am not a festival goin' girl.
I mean, where does a girl plug in her hair straightners?
I've just seen the amount of mud there is at Glasto and I am every kind of happy that I plan on listening to it on the radio and watchin' it on the TV.
However, my entire social circle ARE there.
I know that I'll be left out of every "do you remember when this happened at Glastonbury?' conversation for the next 6 months!
I will not however, have to have a million, trillion showers to rid myself of mud from every part of my bod next week - phew!
Thank goodness for Radio 1 - it's like actually being there, but not!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I have got PMS.

I want, I need chocolate.


Friday, June 15, 2007

I am positively filled-to-the-brim with fabulousity right now!

On Wednesday, the gorgeous Gemma at Oakdale Junior School in East London, won a Think Pink session for herself and 10 friends - fancy that, me, as a prize!

Despite the icky London humidity, which plays havoc with my hair-do, the Oakdale Pink Ladies were total fabulousness, we had a blast! At the end of the session, I got the biggest and bestest group hug ever - I've decided, I wanna do Think pink workshops everyday! Thank you ladies, you rock n' rule!

Yesterday, I hung out with Swanks at his house in Swanksville - we ate yummy food, laughed a lot and watched the most ah-mazing film called 'The Peaceful Warrior' on a TV bigger than my entire house!

I am in LOVE with this film.
I woke up this morning and it was the first thing I thought of.
It's an adaptation of Dan Millman's book, "Way of the Peaceful Warrior." I haven't read the book - although I'm totally going to now and basically it's the story of Dan (Scott Mechlowicz), a college student and world-champion athlete, who is haunted by the feeling that something is missing from his life.

A chance encounter with the enigmatic "Socrates" (Nick Nolte) throws his "perfect" but shallow life into total disarray and he eventually discovers the true meaning of winning - I'm going to buy my own copy and put it in my own Think Pink vanity case of treats that make me feel fab!

Other things that are making me feel fab are:

* Beauty*licious being on sale in stores and looking so cute next to Think Pink on the bookshelf...
* My Heidi Seeker 'Think Pink' necklace that makes even the glummest commuter on a London tube smile
* An email I got from Think Pink reader, Rosie this morning who has set up her own site based on a comment in the book - it's fab, check it out:

What's making you feel fabulous today?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Films I have seen recently:

Spiderman 3 - I freakin' loved it. I've never really bought into Tobey Maguire as Spiderman, I always thought it should have been Jake Gyllenhal, but I guess that's coz I crush on him hard, but I really, really loved it! I loved the story, I loved the action and it made me laugh and cry - it's a total winner!

Pirates of The Carribean 3
- I read and heard so many bad reviews about this, that The Man and I were thinking of blowin' it off until it came out on DVD, but we couldn't resist, so went along and loved that too! The story was a little weak, and while there wasn't enough Johnny Depp - coz a girl can never get enough of Johnny Depp - there was plenty of Orlando looking sizzling hawt and general fun and yo-ho-ho frolicin', which in my book, and I have two you know, makes it a pretty freakin' good 'film!

TV I have watched recently:

Ugly Betty - ohmystars - I could not have cried more. I laughed really hard at Mark and Whilly, willed Betty to chase after Henry, and now I'm just sad, sad, sad my very favourite TV programme in the ENTIRE world has finished - when's it out on DVD? Want it, need it!

- Lee won - WHOOPLA! It was only right and fair and would have been rudenessx100 if either of the other 2 had won. Luckily, they didn't, the right man won and I am beside myself with excitement about going to see him in the West End!

In other news: I was up at 5pm working this morning, so took time out this arvo to hang out with Swanks today who is back from a holiday in Turkey looking hot, hot, hot - I really do have the cutest friends, I got an arm wax, crushed on the dude in the new Head and Shoulders shampoo ad who has the ever-changing hair-do's and read three chapters of how to develop your psychic skills' by David Wells.

I'm doing a Think Pink workshop in London this Wednesday - so if you're one of the 12 girls who won the Puffin competition, I'm totes looking forward to hanging with you and will see you there!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just found this video on the blog of Mia Tyler, the fabulous, most deffo beauty*licious, daughter of Aerosmith's Steve Tyler - it's freakin' awesome!

Let me know what you think - I particularly love the Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn quotes!