Saturday, May 24, 2008

Er...So I know I've been busy and all, but how did the fact that it's Eurovision tonight manage to escape me til' like, 5 minutes ago?

I'm the blimmin' Eurovision Queen - this is crazyness!

I've just found out that Andy is our man - the dustbin man that nearly won X-factor - jeez, we pick 'em, don't we? It's deffo cheesy, but I'm not sure it's cheesy enough - I want Katie Price in a pink jumpsuit, pronto.

I've got an hour to get fully-prepped: feather boa - check, score cards - check and I have just downloaded the lyrics of our entry so I can sing along - if you fancy spending the evening going Euro-crazy with me from your own front room, the euro site is fabulous and has EVERYTHING you'll need!

The Man is not sharing the Euro love. Still, I'm more than enough for this party - if you're watching it, enjoy!

1 comment:

dreamergirl said...

we didn't even make it to the finals...

haven't watched the eurovision in years, dunno why not.

anyway...and watching the divine secrets ofd the yaya sisterhood and i think i'm gonna stick with it.

enjoy the EVF!!!

xox sil