Monday, May 19, 2008

I am lovin' MTV's Run's House.

Have you seen it? It's my Monday treat, if I've been a good girl and written 1,000 words, I get to watch the hour double bill before The Man gets home - Rev Run is quite possibly the funniest man ever.

I dig on this whole family, actch. I LOVE Russell Simmons, Rev's bro - he's like a cool-ass, zen-like Donald Trump and I LOVE Kimora, Russell's ex who has her own teev show Life in the Fab Lane - I've bought into the entire fam-brand!

So, I'm making good progress with book 3 in the fiction series - can't tell you too much but I'm really enjoying writing this one - the FEAR tries to rain on my pink parade every now again - drip-feeding me doubt and negative 'I'm not good enough' thoughts - but I'm super-wise to them now and am able to kick them to the kerb before they do any lasting damage - hurrah!

Have you paid a visit to the new website recently? This week we're going Japanese with kawaii-kawaii cuteness - I really have the best job! Team now has a new member, my super-cool assistant Sophie, who I have daily phone chats with from our virtual offices - it's so much fun to have a Lola-bud now - we have the best time planning content for each week - she's freakin' awesome!

Oh, I haven't told you about my trip to Ireland yet either, have I? It's coz I haven't uploaded the pix yet, but when I do, I'll do a slide show for y'all with running commentary - pinky swear.

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