Monday, May 26, 2008

Photo time! Okay, so I finally found the camera upload wire and thought I'd share a few of my fave pix from the last couple of weeks...

This is one of my BFFs, Manda - you'd never guess, but this is her hen night!

Note to self: don't let Debs organise my hen night!

Debs, bride-to-be Manda, Kate...

This was us after a few too many dizzy waters...Susie, Manda, Me, Debs...

The actual wedding - an altogether much more sophist occasion - Miss Chloe, Me, Manda and Susie...

Debs and I working our best America's Next Top Model poses...

Me rockin' the London Bridge backdrop...

This is a shop in Covent Garden, I want. them. all.

Me looking maybe a li'l too glam for the Irish countryside - I went walking 14 miles looking like that!

This is what we walked 14 miles for...Torq Waterfall.

We stayed in the village that Jesse is from, Jesse for Nancy!

Check out my new apartment - cute! It's actually a pit cottage in the Ring of Kerry...

A pit pony who thinks the whole thing is one big laugh...

Me on the beach in Waterville - this was quie possibly the prettiest place I've EVER been to...


Make a wish!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Er...So I know I've been busy and all, but how did the fact that it's Eurovision tonight manage to escape me til' like, 5 minutes ago?

I'm the blimmin' Eurovision Queen - this is crazyness!

I've just found out that Andy is our man - the dustbin man that nearly won X-factor - jeez, we pick 'em, don't we? It's deffo cheesy, but I'm not sure it's cheesy enough - I want Katie Price in a pink jumpsuit, pronto.

I've got an hour to get fully-prepped: feather boa - check, score cards - check and I have just downloaded the lyrics of our entry so I can sing along - if you fancy spending the evening going Euro-crazy with me from your own front room, the euro site is fabulous and has EVERYTHING you'll need!

The Man is not sharing the Euro love. Still, I'm more than enough for this party - if you're watching it, enjoy!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I am lovin' MTV's Run's House.

Have you seen it? It's my Monday treat, if I've been a good girl and written 1,000 words, I get to watch the hour double bill before The Man gets home - Rev Run is quite possibly the funniest man ever.

I dig on this whole family, actch. I LOVE Russell Simmons, Rev's bro - he's like a cool-ass, zen-like Donald Trump and I LOVE Kimora, Russell's ex who has her own teev show Life in the Fab Lane - I've bought into the entire fam-brand!

So, I'm making good progress with book 3 in the fiction series - can't tell you too much but I'm really enjoying writing this one - the FEAR tries to rain on my pink parade every now again - drip-feeding me doubt and negative 'I'm not good enough' thoughts - but I'm super-wise to them now and am able to kick them to the kerb before they do any lasting damage - hurrah!

Have you paid a visit to the new website recently? This week we're going Japanese with kawaii-kawaii cuteness - I really have the best job! Team now has a new member, my super-cool assistant Sophie, who I have daily phone chats with from our virtual offices - it's so much fun to have a Lola-bud now - we have the best time planning content for each week - she's freakin' awesome!

Oh, I haven't told you about my trip to Ireland yet either, have I? It's coz I haven't uploaded the pix yet, but when I do, I'll do a slide show for y'all with running commentary - pinky swear.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blue is the colour!

I know it's normally pink but just for today, I am ALL about the blue, because my local football team, Portsmouth FC are playing in the FA cup final!

Now, I'm not your usual football fan kinda girl, but this is BIG stuff.
Portsmouth is an island so you really cannot escape the football fever that has taken over right now. There are flags in every house, blue balloons in windows and yesterday was offish blue day where everyone in the city wore blue...

I however am a rare breed, I have a Man who doesn't dig the football, and it was all I could do to persuade him to stay home and watch the game, because sshh, don't tell anyone, I'm a little bit excited!

I should be finishing up the first draft of the next book - I'm lovin' this book btw - but I really wanna watch it, I don't fully understand the game but I know I could shout 'come on you blues' and seriously, it's really only about the singing, isn't it?