Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I LOVE this book.


I bought it in San Francisco two years ago, but I also bought A LOT of other books at the same time, and it kinda just found it's way onto the book shelf to look pretty, because that's kinda what I do.

Y'see, I love reading, but I love actually buying books more. I love surrounding myself with them and hoping that all the fabulous words seep in through the process of osmosis. Anyway, I was doing a chazza bag over the weekend (I am offish the queen of hoarding, so this is always a hugely painful task in my world - more 'bout that later...) and I re-found this book. I read the first page and just couldn't understand why I'd not read it yet, but books are funny like that though, aren't they? They kinda find you when you need them the most and this is deffo the book I needed right now, a chance to re-channel my inner-fabulousity. It's h-i-larious and is a total must-have for any Viva la Diva lovin' Pink Lady!

I haven't loved a book like this for ages, and the good news is, after I did a google search of the author, that he has lots of other fabulous books about Eccentric Glamour and Beautiful People that I am gonna totes order today - it's offish, I'm a Simon Doonan fan, and if you love Think Pink and Viva La Diva, I can absolutely, positively guarantee that you'll love Wacky Chicks too!

The Wacky Chicks blurb:
Wacky chicks are women who turn heads, get people talking and start trends. They dare to wear the outrageous and live life any way they see fit. And now New York Observer columnist and savvy social commentator Simon Doonan trains his most discerning eye on sixteen of these exceptional creatures, and shows how a fiercely embraced sense of individuality can be an inspiration to us all.

Doonan interviews wacky chicks like Amy Sedaris, host of Comedy Central's hit show, Strangers with Candy; Suzanne Bartsch, the woman who taught Madonna how to vogue; and lower profile wacky chicks like hip hypnotist Jessica Porter and Isabel Garrett, a freestyle fashion designer working out of a trailer in a Florida nudist colony. As different as they are outrageous, these women share a powerful nonconformist bent, and in these pages offer their priceless guidance on beauty, business, fashion, love, motherhood and unleashing your feminist wacky chick without losing your femininity.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm writer-girl today and have offish started book 3 of the Lola Love fiction series - it's so much fun, I'm beyond excited that I get to hang out with Lola on a daily basis now - like I've not got the best life ever?!!

So, as you know, when I'm writing, I LOVE me a visit to the procrastination station, which is basically anywhere, or anything, that is NOT what I'm actually supposed to be doing, so when I received this emailage from a gal-pal entitled Fun Things About Me, I thought answering it would be fun time frankies...

Four things about me that you may or may not know in no particular

Four jobs I have had in my life
1. shop assistant
2. runner on SM:TV live
3. workie at Just Seventeen magazine
4. author-girl - whoop, whoop!

Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Beaches
2. Moulin Rouge
3. Hairspray
4. Clueless

Four places I have lived:
1. This is lame-o, but I've only ever lived in Portsmouth, but that's set to change v.soon!

Four TV Shows that I watch:(FYI: I watch a LOT of TV these are just my faves right now...)
1. Jordan and Peter - love it.
2. I'd do Aything
3. The Girls Next Door
4. Kimora: Life in the Fab lane

Four places I have been:
1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. Croatia
4. Verona, Italy

Four People who e-mail me (regularly):
1. Sophie
2. Lindsey
3. Julie
4. Cordelia

Four of my favorite foods:
1. chocolate
2. chocolate cake
3. Chocolate brownies
4. Chocolate ice cream

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. Cathy's writer room on her day bed - sigh.

Four Things I am looking forward to in 2008:
1. My first fiction books coming out in July - whoop, whoop!
2. Edinbro book festival - I'm actually appearing as a writer-girl, beyond excited!
3. Going to LA for my 30th birthday
4. Going to Iceland on my first ever mum/daughter holiday...

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over (and have)
1. Namedropper - Emma Forrest
2. Diary of a Crush series - Sarra Manning
3. Weetzie Bat - FLB
4. Gingerbread - Rachel Cohn

So have fun with this...take out my answers and send the questions to friends. Or, I'd love to hear your answers...leave me a comment.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am still poorly - I'm not going to lie, I'm beyond bored with these germs now.

I did have a pink flash of fabulousness in my otherwise grey, germy day - I had a phone interview with One Night Only.

FYI: I tried inserting a picture here, but apparently I'm not allowed to upload pix right now - how rude - I suggest you go google 'em to share the love.

I know, I'm no longer 13, but I've developed a HUGE crush on these indie-boy-cutesters. I do love their music, honest. No, really I do, I just happen to think the lead singer, George, is very easy on the eye too. He is totes the boy I would of crushed on at college. Sigh.

Anyway, the interview was too cute - the keyboard player and I bonded over marching bands - we were both in one, he played the trombone, I played the side drum - cute.

Seriously though, like writing books, being an agony aunt for Mizz mag, hosting Think Pink workshops isn't the best job already, as ed-girl of the brand-new www.lolasland.com, I get to interview pop boys too - happy, happy days! I also get to interview kick-ass chicks and write fab features - it's freakin' awesome!

If you haven't been to visit yet, please go over now - www.lolasland.com - it's super-cute and has lots of ah-mazing treats for you to devour, including my interview with the soon-to-be huge Jonas Bros - they're nice to look at and wear neck scarfs - they do sing Busted songs though, they really shouldn't mess with the Busted.

The Pink Parade is still rockin' and rulin' in our favourite city, NYC - we are now hanging out with our favourite author-girl Melissa Walker - go visit us!

I will soon be moving to www.pink-world.co.uk so be sure to go over and bookmark it as this blogginz will be de-funct from May 1st, 'k?!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

So, I've got so much to tell you, 'cept it's all I can do to type right now as I'm beyond poorly, for the last week I've had the flu.
Not man flu, real life achey, can't eat, flu.
It sucks.
A lot.
And nearly a week and a half on, I'm substantially bored of it. I've not told you about The Man b'day musical weekend - we went to see Wicked and Hairspray, how Expedia messed up our hotel and I was less than pink thinkin' about it all, I also haven't told you about my celebrity encounters, my new favourite music and my love of guitar boys Elliot Minor...and that's just for starters!

But I'm still poorly so all that is going to have to wait, I'm not gonna leave you empty handed though, because while I've been poorly, I've been LOVIN' teev watching and my absolute favourite has to be Gavin and Stacey - if you've never seen it, shame on you. I'm off to order the boxset, I suggest you do the same...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I declare today, Thursday 10th April, Spring sunshine day!

Ohhhh, I love the spring, don't you? I am not however, ready to bare tightless legs yet. I started my spring body cleaning this morning, I've got some yummy new Organic Blue body scrub - totes recommend it - and am now ready to start with the moisturising lotion with a hint of tan, if anyone knows of any without that funny tann-y smell, I would be much-o appreciative! I know I have mentioned previously that I am all about the Kelly O pale, which, FYI, I still am, but really, if you were to see my legs right now, you'd get snow blindness. So, to save getting sued for hurting your eyes, a touch of colour is most deffo the way forward!

But who'd have thought that after Sunday, we'd be frolicking in the spring sunshine today - this is me on Sunday morning...

I LOVE the snow, I totally forgot until I woke up on Sunday morning to find a text from Vix saying: "Oh my, the sky appears to have fallen down!" so I checked, because that would be all kinds of crazy, turns out she was only blimmin' right, so the man and I rushed out in our PJs to have a snowball fight! Hurrah for snow!

Then, on Thursday, today, it goes and turns into a Sunshine Spring day and I LOVE that too, check out me getting my art-girl on in my garden this morning...

I am in such a good mood right now, not just because it's spring, but because I'm doing a Think Pink workshop today - unfortunately, today's session is all booked up, but don't worry, I'll be doing lots during June and July, and I would love for y'all to come along, I'll post the dates up as soon as I know!

Workshops rock! I love writing books and all, but workshops really are my very favourite thing - I get to hang with super-cool Pink Ladies and we get to do some kick-ass bravado boosting in person - what's not to love about that?!!!

Exciting news! All you fabu blog readers get to have a sneaky peek at Lola's new website of fabulousness: www.lolasland.com next week - I know, I totes spoil you, don't I?!! - It's offish launch is the 22nd April, but if you head over next week, you'll be able to get yourself an exclusive look at Lola's new home - it's increds, I want to move in myself!

Oh, and while I'm popping up pics - this is me this morning, in pre-workshop mode - I feel like a cross between Frida Khalo (who I am toally obsess-o with right now!) and Lola Love!

Have a great Spring Sunshine day, chicas!

Monday, April 07, 2008


It's offish book release day - HURRAH! I'm doing a happy dance right now at the thought of people other than my editor and I getting their hands on not one, but two new fabulous Lola books - they're so freakin' pretty it's ridiculous!

As promised, I have a too-cool-for-school 'Pimp My Books' competition that will have you shouting Viva La Diva from your rooftop - so what are you waiting for?

Get pimpin’!

To get your manicured mitts on a swag bag of fabulousness that include: a signed copy of both Viva La Diva and It's a Girl Thing, Lee Stafford hair prods, Barry M lipglosses and nail paint, NYC make-up, Miss Eyleure false eyelashes, a Heidi Seeker treat, ladyluckrulesok earrings and a sleepover pack of face masks and pampering prods - what's not to love?


STEP ONE: Simply copy and paste this whole message (including the info about the contest) into any website, blog, message board, email list, or myspace/bebo/facebook bulletin.

Viva La Diva and It's a Girl Thing the brand-new books in the Lola Love series by Lisa Clark are IN STORES NOW!

Viva La Diva is your ultimate guide to the luxe life - with tips on walking and talking with confidence and to have enough charm to have everyone joining you on the pink carpet. After all, no one is going to start treating you like a goddess until you start to act like one!

It's a Girl Thing
has everything you'll ever need to know about being a girl. Packed with upbeat, encouraging and practical advice on how to cope with just about anything, so you can concentrate on celebrating being a kick-ass girl in Girlsville!

These are the absolute must-haves for anyone who wants to be fun, feisty, fearless and fabulous on a daily basis!


Check out: www.pink-world.co.uk

STEP TWO: Email Lisa at lc@pink-world.co.uk and let her know you’ve posted about the contest and the book, and you’ll be entered to win the swag bag of fabulousness!

The winner will be picked at random on April 30th 08

The more places you post, the more entries you get. Have fun and good luck!