Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yesterday, the man and I were bad.
We should have been writing features for various ed-types but instead, we went for a film fest, we felt like we were cutting class!

We went to see 'The Last King of Scotland' first - not my choice, it looked far too deep for me and lacked a serious amount of pink, fluffy prettiness - but in my role as perfecto girlfriend, we struck a deal and I agreed to see LKoS if he'd come and see 'Pursuit of Happyness' - seemed fair.

So LKoS does have the super-cute James Mcavoy in it, but that is, unfortunately, where the fun stops.
It was however, an awesome film. A lesson in history and a lesson in how scary people can be when given power. There were moments when I hid under my parka, it ain't pretty, but I'm really glad I saw it!

We then met wiv Susie and Kev for tea - I declined dessert.
Yes, ladies and gentleman, it was a first.

Our second film, which Susie and Kev joined us for, was a bit of a disappointment.
I was gutted.
I love me some Will Smith and while he was good, he wasn't brilliant. His son was fab, but the story... geez, it was depressing. I know the clue was in the title - the 'pursuit' of happyness, but still... There were lots of lessons to be learnt though, like persistance and be nice to everyone, but it didn't give me the warm fuzzies that I was expecting and was way longer than it needed to be.

Before I go: Lady Soverign is on Popworld and she says knitting's cool. I love LS and I love knitting. Happy days.

The new Take That video for my absolutely favourite song 'Shine' is now my absolutely favourite video - camp as christmas, I heart it!

I loved UB this week - why isn't all TV this good?

Friday, January 26, 2007

It's 4am and I'm awake.


So instead of tossing and turning, I've decided to continue with the SATC box set.

Oh, guess what? I got an email from Meg Cabot yesterday.
No, I won't shut up, it's the truth.
I interviewed Meg when she was over in the UK at her Princess event in Harrods.
She ruled.
The Man came with me in his official capacity as photo-boy, and when introduced to Meg, he commented on her boots (they were pink and cowboy-like - v.coolio-a-go go) 'cept Meg thought he said 'nice boobs' - what can I say? it was awkward.

Luckily for me, Meg hasn't held The Man against me and while I shouldn't be starstruck, I totally am.
She's the queen of freakin' book writing - damn it - course I'm starstruck to find Meg emailage in my inbox.

Highlight of day for deffo.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

If Ugly Betty was ice cream, it would be Praline and Cream.
If Ugly Betty was chocolate, it would be Galaxy.
Ugly Betty is my most favourite programme. Evah.

I so want for Betty to be my best friend we would eat ice cream, wear orange and green together in a totally cool clashing type way and take over the super-skinny world of fash mags and make laughing out loud, wearing Heidi Seeker accessories and drinking yummy, scrummy hot chocolate for breakfast the 'thing du jour'.

I missed it again on Friday, but caught up today and cried. Again.
Not in a bad way. Just coz there's never been a fictitious character who I could relate to as much as I do Betty, I wish I'd of had a programme like this as a teen, life would of been so much sweeter knowing that geek girl = fabulous-o!

I reckon Lola, hipster heroine of Think Pink, would dig Betty mostest. In fact, they would be the bestest of friends, they're very similar, 'cept Lola knows that when you Think Pink, the things that are different 'bout you, are the things that make you YOU-nique - because when you Think Pink, you rock!
Must send Betty a book!

Tomorrow is meant to be the glummest day in glumsville according to statistics - so I'm blowin' off the world o' work and instead I'm off on a road trip to Brighton with the fabulous Miss Sally - whoop, whoop.
We both have A*s in Boyology and Shoppology and Brighton is by far the best place to utilise both our qualifications - so, so excited!

I hung out with the lovely Chloe, aged 9 yesterday - she's the daughter of my friend Manda's boyfriend - she demanded I sign both her copies of Think Pink.
That, my friends is dedication to her favourite author.
As we are both only children, we both have the ability to be drama queens and spent the afternoon writing her first masterpiece 'It's all about me: Chloe aged 9.' It's gonna be huge.

I also hung out at what used to be my second home as a teen girl - The Rains' household. I spent more time with Susie, Manda and Pauline than I did in my own house and it was so good to be back there. Manda had her dog Frankie with her, who I have real dog-envy of. She's got big globby, flobberchops that Manda has to wipe with babywipes - can you imagine? It would be like having a real bambino - she's super cute but she wasn't so impressed by my glitter pumps though and started barking at them for no reason!

Off to paint my nails' with the very aptly named 'Brighton Rock'.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm watching Ugly Betty.
I don't think I could love a teev programme more, than I love UB - it's fabulousness on a fabulousness stick and is my treat for finishing all my work.

I used to think I could work and watch TV but that was a total lie I'd made up to myself to justify watching Fern and Phil every morning...So now the rule is, TV is a treat that can only be watched when the work is done. Now, I love me some TV so, as you can imagine, I am a whole lot more productive!

Whilemina, her stoopid 'toodles' assistant, and that super annoyin' wannabee assistant, Amanda are all suckfaces - Betty rules. So there.

In un-betty related news - I am turning into a bit of a muso girl right now, spending money I really don't have on music that I'm telling myself I REALLY need.
I don't know if it's cool or not, but having never been part of the cool-kid-crew, I'm guessing it doesn't really matter now, but I love The Ordinary Boys, especially their new one, I Luv You. I've been singing it all day much to the annoyance of The Man, I'm also lovin' Amy Winehouse's version of 'Valerie' and Swanks has been ravin' about a band he's currently pretending to like to impress a certain someone, called The Guillimots - well, I heard them on Vernon's R1 show today and I love, love, love them - so I bought their album along with The Ordinary Boys from itunes - which are now on my ipod ready for beach walking tomorrow morning.

Yep, beach walking.

Coz I got so poorly over Christmas, I got v. lazy and did no exercise and now I'm feeling like I'm right out of slobsville - so I'm gonna take full advantage of living near the sea, I'm gonna wrap up warm, put on my pink trainers and get walkin' before I start work tomorrow mornin' - I might not do it if it rains though, don't wanna make me poorly again do I?

Anyway, if you haven't already, remember to head over to Pink-World and sign up to become a Pink Lady before Friday 19th and you'll be in with a chance of winning some fabulouso, super posh Sanctuary products.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yay, the book is in shops today!

I haven't seen them, The Man just drove me to Asda, where apparently it's due to be 'book of the month' and they didn't have them in yet, but some of you lovely people have! So that totally counts.

Finally, the fun can start!

So, if your local bookstore hasn't got Think Pink - the go-for-it guide for girls, either ask them to order you a copy, or head to WSmiths, Asda or Tesco - if you STILL can't get a copy or you're just a PJ queen who cannot leave her boudoir, then head to WHSmith or Tesco online who will both deliver it to your doorstep the next day - now you've gotta be happy with that, right?

The Pink Parade can finally commence - wohhoooo!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Soooo - it's finally here - I'm a proper published author girl!


As if a boootiful book wasn't enough for one day, there's a website too!

Yep, has had a dee-lish make-over!

The Think Pink online zine, Pink-World, is the zine I've always wanted to read. 'Cept no one ever made it, which, is really rather rude. Instead, they made a whole lot of glossy zines that tell you how to wear your hair, that size 00 is the new size 10 and that you should have serious life-envy of…well, everyone who isn't you basically.

That sucked.
Don't get me wrong, I heart fashion, make-up and celeb types, but I also dig on me, so while Think Pink will be sure to shout about Lola and I's love for Benefit make-up (damn, that stuff is cute.) it'll also interview coolio-a-go-go girls who are already rockin' at what they do, it will send props to teen girls who are doing fabulous things and will provide a regular fix of everything a girl needs to feel feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous!

Please come by as often as you can, there will be regular updates, competitions, news and reviews every week - check it out, read it, comment, love it!

Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

I've been wishin' for it to get here for so long, and now it's actually here - wohoooo!
Because it means there are now only two sleeps 'til Think Pink is in the shops - ohmystars.
I don't know what I expect to actually happen when the book comes out on Wednesday, but I do know what it will'll be totes proof that you can have a dream and make it happen and there really is nothing cooler than that!

So, the PJ party - it's official, staying in is the new going out!

Dressed in my pink Pj's, I wrapped The Man in a duvet, bundled him in a taxi and headed to Vix house. Vix too had germs but was still a perfecto hostess, The Man just sat on the sofa sucking Lockets.
That, my friends, is the difference between boys and girls!
People in attendance: Vix and Ad - well, it was their house, the gorgeous Martin who works guyliner better than that dude from Greenday evah will, Natalie, The Man and me...I had made pass-the-parcel, Martin bought dee-lish food, Nat bought bottles of dizzy water and Vix and Ad provided the locale - it was the perfecto combination!

We ate. A lot.
We played Singstar. A lot. The Man and I did Sonny and Cher 'I got you babe', Vix and I did 'Father and Son' by Ronan Keating and Ad and I did 'Come as you are' by Nirvana, which involved a lot of jumping around the lounge...
You'll be pleased to know Pass the Parcel ruled.
I had included the best presents - colouring pens and colouring books, a slinky, a cowboy set, sweeties, bouncy balls, a keyring of a moo cow that poos when you squish it's belly (which I was more than chuffed to win back - yay me!) Everyone was really pleased with the game, although I'm thinking they were humoring me, coz I'm an only child and never got to play games like that as a kid!
We then played a drinkin' game - I didn't get it, neither did Vix and Martin who were making very good use of the Heidi Seeker coconut drinkin' containers and ignoring the rules, in fact, Martin got so drunk he gave me his hat.

His hat is coolness personified.

It looks awesome on him, but I have to say, I look kinda cute in it too. We are now going to have joint custody of the hat in all it's bee-uuu-tiful glory. I'm currently in ownership of it, and having wore it to the beach today and received two compliments, I will be keeping it for a lil bit longer.

When the clock struck midnight we went out onto the streets and sang and danced with the neighbours, not long after, The Man and I went to bed, I am not a night owl.

So now it's 2007!

I'm not about resolutions - but I have written a list of all the achievements I'm proud of in 2006, all the lessons I've learned, the difficulties I've faced and then made a list of what I would like to achieve in 2007 and where I would like to be in my life this time next year - it really helps me to focus, set goals appreciate what I've achieved and what I need to do to move forward - it's a whole lot better than making the usual schmusal 'I must stop eating chocolate' or 'I must go to the gym' resolutions coz lets face it, it ain't never going to happen!

Hope this year is filled with pink sparkles of fabulousity for y'all!