Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've made a proper Walk New York fundraising page and everything! Well, Keris, my partner in all things New York walkin' has made a fundraising page.
I copied her.

There's a link to it over there to your right - go check it out and most importantly, while you're there, please, please sponsor me, I ain't too proud to beg y'know!

I'll be working a v.cute pink ensemble including my KPS pink hat with ears that will have all the cool kids going a rather nasty shade of envy green in aid of The Children's Society.
The charity does seriously amazing work here in England working with over 50,000 children, including those who are at risk on the streets, disabled, in trouble with the law and refugees - that's pretty awesome, right?

So please give, give, give - 'coz giving is fabulous. Fact.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday was Fun Day Friday!

Miss Sally and I hit The Vitality Show in London's Olympia - it was a totes girl's day out!

We spent undisclosed amounts of money on items of prettification, now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that quite possibly the best way to actually spend a day?

There was a Benefit Stand the size of my house, I am so considering becoming a Benefit make-up girl. I'd get to go to Benefit make-up school AND get a discount on all my favourite products.
I'm going to ask if my local store is recruiting...

Highlights included:

- finding a nail prod that makes real nails look as shiny as acrylic - plan on showin' the nails some love this evenin'!
- the too-cute make-up artist from the Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful telling me he'd been waiting for me all his life - what's not to love 'bout that? Think it had something to do with me letting him paint me with crazy-bright colours - he did paint my lips with the most fabulous colour I have ever seen though, if you love your pink prods as much as me, I highly recommend:
Bobo - lipgloss
Wanna B - lipcreme
You can get 'em on line at:
even after the pasta salad and yogurt I ate, it didn't even budge - new fave prods!
- seeing Rosemary Connelly - the diet lady, she is supes-tiny, you could literally pop her in your pocket, the fashion man - John whatshisname from ITV's 'This Morning' and Pete Cohen the life coach dude from GMTV
- getting to try lots of yummy food
- getting lots of freebies
- buying a fold up trolley like the olden days people have but in pink with polka dots - it's fabulous - I've been practicing being a trolly dolly all day today!

So, so good!

Thought process:
I'm so gonna have to get a digicam y'know as I'm thinking relying on my wordage alone to entertain you is rude and wrong isn't it? With next pay cheque I will try and purchase a cheap and cheerful one that will funk up the bloggle! Also, it would make life so much easier when describing the killer postage I received this week!

I am a serious fan of snail mail - I love it.
I love letters, I love parcels, I even get marginally excited at post from that Bill dude, but what I love mostest is unexpected parcels of fabulousity from your favourite people.

I got this very cutest of pink knitted hats with cute li'l ears from the rather fantastical KittyPinkStars The Man was modelling it earlier, but for some reason won't let me commit it to blog, I thought he looked rather adoreable! The hat came in a beautifully decorated jiffy bag too, I'm all about the effort when decorating my postage, so I love it when you feel the felt-tip love right back atcha!

I also got the biggest package of love from one of my bestest buds in my world, Izzi she lives in the Londinium so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like but it never,ever matters coz when we're together it's like we've never been apart - so my package consisted of:
- a cute pink japanese parasol/umbrella
- an adoreable pink dress reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper in 'Girls just wanna have Fun' it's like a mini prom dress with pink fishnet under the skirt - it's a size too small right now but hey, if that's not incentive to make sure I put on my trainers each mornin' I don't know what is!
- a pair of THE sparkliest, pinkest, highest heels I ever did see - I am worshipping at their fabulousity and working on a strategy as to how I'm ever going to walk in them!
- Crazy for You cd by Let Loose - it was our favourite song for sooo long when we were at school, I played it this morning and cried and laughed all at once!
- a postcard 'bout how stoopid dieting is - love that!
Who wouldn't want fun post like that?

On the subject of post, I got my Walk New York pack this mornin' - wohhhoooo - I'm doing it, I'm really doing it! Thanks for the fabulous fundraising ideas you're all coming up with, I shall keep you posted on how you can get involved, still working on sorting that out right now - one things for sure, I'll have a v.cute hat to wear on my way round!

It's not long until Beauty*licious hits stores now - how mad is that? I think I get to see a proof copy towards the end of this month - ohmystars! I hope y'all dig it as much as Think Pink, I think Lola and the Pink Ladies look even more adoreable in this book - I know, like it's possible!

I saw an episode of Wonderwoman today, haven't seen it since I was a nipper and totes loved it - Wonderwoman rules. Fact.

Monday, March 26, 2007

So the weekend was mostly about me getting un-orange, which I'm pleased to report I now am.

I also decided I needed to set a few life challenges, which is why my fabulous friend and journo-girl Keris Stainton and I are walking New York in November!

We've been talkin' about it for a couple of weeks, but this morning we actually quit with the excuse-makin' and signed up!
We're going to be getting fit, raising money for charity and walking the length and breadth of NYC - I'm feeling positively angelic!

We're going to be raising money for The Children's Society and we have to raise £1,450.00 each by November 9th - so, any ideas or fundraising tips as to how we can make some pennies would be mucho appreciated!

I went to the beach this afternoon.
Sometimes you need to escape from the house and 'puters and phones and I'm lucky to have a beach on my doorstep, so I took me, my notebook, a scarf and a bottle of water to hit the pebbles.
There were people with no tops on.
It's March.
Now, I appreciate yesterday was technically the first day of summer, but c'mon, this is Britain, it's march, and while the sun is technically shining, there is absolutely no need for pasty white bare flesh, is there?

I positioned me a little way away from the bare flesh flashers, how would I concentrate? FYI, they weren't hot in any way, shape or form and I wrote loads. I was doing homework for a course I'm doing and realised how much fun it is to write with pen and paper. Sure I write lists, dude, I write a million lists but real-life writing, no typing, is my new favourite thing - them 'puters have got a lot to answer for!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is it wrong that my life is infinitely more better now that I finally got all caught up on 'Ugly Betty'?

Is it also wrong that I nearly turned down an evening of dizzy water-fuelled fun with Vix because I wanted to see 'Dancing on Ice - the champions' whilst eating a sticky belgian bun?

Actually don't answer that, I totes know the answer which is why Vix will be calling for me soonest!

Except I need to scrub myself.


Really hard.

Y'see, this mornin', mid-march, I figured my english rose complexion was in need of a touch of sun-kissed colour.

Turns out there's a reason why I don't already look sun-kissed.

Sun-kissed product combined with English rose complexion = orange.
As in bright, bad-ass orange. I could totes give Xtina a run for her money right now.
It's not right, and it most certainly is not okay.

Thank the stars for exfoliator.
I do believe it was invented for moments like this.
I'm slightly concerned I may scrub so hard I reach bone, but hey if Posh can work it, so can I, right?

I also cut my fringe. It's been one of those days okay?

And while I, like Lola, actively encourage experimentation with your appearance, I'm thinking maybe you might want to re-consider if you're feeling a little bit off sorts - the off sorts category includes everything from PMT, angsties, annoyance with boy-types - if you have all three, forget about it - watch a DVD and eat chocolate instead! Which, in retrospect is most deffo what I should have done, and not turned to self-prettification, still, we live and learn!

The fringe, after a bit more trimming and product application is now moderately okay.
Why I didn't just book in a free trim with the hairdresser from heaven I do not know.

So you'll excuse me while I go get scrubbing. I only have an hour!

love and lipgloss....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sad days.

My computer died Tuesday.

I am not a back-up kinda girl.

Not good.

I'm still not in a place to laugh about it.

There have been tears. Mainly in the middle of the Apple store in Southampton when they told me Martha the Mac had a screen issue and could no longer turn on.

I then cried a little louder and a little harder when they told me my work was not retrievable.

The Apple man, not sure what to do with an incompetent, non-work saving cry-girl, said he would make some calls.

He did.

He asked me to wait.

I waited, I held my gratitude rock REALLY hard in one hand and my good luck charm from Swanks REALLY hard in the other. I had as many pink thoughts as was feasibly possible in the circumstances and I STILL didn't eat chocolate.

It was an agonising wait. A wait that even the latest issue of NOW couldn't make easier, although I did think I quite liked Coleen, that footballer's girlfriend.

Mike, the Apple man rang me with news.

They could retrieve the work but the computer was dead. I could replace it but it would cost less to buy a new one.


I may be an author girl, but a rich girl? Not so much.

This was not my happiest of days.

Especially when The Man was at his least supportive, by telling me how ridiculous it was that I was a writer, that I made my living out of writing and that I didn't back up my work.

Gee thanks, Mister Supportive.

I am happiness that I do have all my work. Very happy. Ecstatic, in fact.

I now have a new Mac which I'm looking to name, I'm thinkin' this one is a boy, so any suggestions, send 'em over. I have a whole new back up drive too.

I find it quite hard to get excited about the technologies, but I am excited that my world is substantially more sparkly-gorgeous today than it was yesterday.

I don't want to be a preachy preech girl, but if you have technologies and have work that's mucho important to you – save it, save it now.

You'll thank me.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

All frosting and no cupcake...

Just watchin' The NME awards on T4 - Beth Ditto and Jarvis Cocker singin' 'Temptation', Danny Dyer and The Killers - happy, happy days.

Today I feel fabulous.
Yesterday I felt blah.
Not pillow punchin' mad, tear inducin' sad - just blah.
I tried to write, but was talkin' nonsense.
I tried to read, but nothing was going in.
I even tried watchin' daytime TV but no amount of 'Loose Women' could banish the blahs.

So, instead of reaching for the chocolate, dude, I was tempted, I did what any Pink Thinkin' girl would do in my situation, I took myself on a date.

It involved shoppin' - would be rude not to, right?
Purched merch included: a copy of the NME with Beth Ditto on the front-she's totes my new favourite lady, Goldfrapp CD and You Really Got Me by The Kinks.
I then planned on takin' my sweet, slightly happier self to the cinema but couldn't decide what to see, so did a straw poll and went with Material Girls starring the Duff sisters.
Having seen the advert, I was full of hope this film would be like Clueless, one of my all time fave chick flicks.
It wasn't.
It did have cute boys though.
I like Hilary and Hayley, and while the story had the potential to be fabulous-o, it just kept missin' the mark - there wasn't even any great fashion ensembles to check out as they were poor for most of the film. Grr. There was this one line where one of the aforementioned cute boys calls Hayley's character 'all frosting and no cupcake' - not only was this the best line, but it pretty much summed up the film.

The Man, back from his work-day travels came to meet me, it was raining yet he put a smile on my chops by making me dance with him in the middle of the shopping establishment - love him.

We munched a li'l food and then headed back to the cinema - we went to see Freedom Writers.


Whatever you're doing right now, stop doing that, and go see this instead.

It is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. My heart was still hurting when I left the cinema. Having cried real, hard tears, The Man and I talked about it all the way home.
I'm not even going to tell you about it, just that you NEED to see it, 'k?

In other news, I am totes blah-free today. Woop, whoop!