Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If this doesn't persuade The Man, then nothing will - ADOREABLE!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

X FACTOR NEWS: I cannot quite believe Hope are still in the show, I really, really can't. I won't bore you with my ongoing thoughts 'bout them, just know that I'm not happy they're still in 'k?

Rhydian though, now Rhydian rocks.

Rhydian Roberts, I HEART you.

I actually cried when he sang last night.
Real, big bulbous tears.
He's so, so unbelievably talented. I even voted for him, as in picked up the phone and everything. The Man tutted and shook his head at my pre-pubescent behaviour, but secretly, I'm thinking he wanted to vote too as he digs the Rhyds too - we are officially a Rhydian lovin' household.

You may remember I've been studying to become a PSHE practitioner, well, when I say studying, I've been attending the sessions, but as for doing actual study and coursework, not so much.

And now my deadline to hand in my folder is Friday. Grr.

I was totes like this at school too, I'd start off with all good intentions, I LOVED buying new stationery, but as far as doing the work, I'd procrastinate.
A lot.

Years later, it seems I've learned nothing.

Not only have I done exactly the same a whole lot of years on, I've also chosen a career that's ALL about the deadlines too...

All you study-girls out there, do you have any advice for a last-minute-crammer like me?

So, when I should have been working on the folder today, instead I did brunch with Swanks.

I know, brunch - how very Americano. So much more fun than studying.

Swanks, feeling my post-NYC-blues, was trying to fool me by pretending we were in a downtown Manhattan eating establishment, and I might of believed him if it wasn't for the shocking service we received, that's when I knew we were deffo in the UK.
In the same way that everyone should have a Miss Sally, they should deffo have a Swanks too.

Swanks is:

a brilliant cheerleader - although he'll never wear lycra, not on a weekday anyway.
He knows a lot of stuff - he reads books and has taught me all I know about etiquette - seriously, how else is a girl from a council estate meant to know which spoons to use at a swanky event without her very own Swanks?
He has moments of drama-queen fabulousness which we don't laugh about at the time but secretly they are very funny
and he's great, great company - I mean, seriously, who else would do brunch?

PUG NEWS: The Man isn't adverse to a pug - yay! This is good news because he will be living with one very soon.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I got this through the post yesterday from The Children's Society - this is the Walk New York crew before we set off on our 13 mile trek...

Now, if I were in any way techno-girl-minded, I'd put a big pink ring round Keris and I, but I'm not, so instead, think of it as a supes fun game of Where's Wally, 'cept there's no wally, 'k?

The Lee Mead interview didn't happen yesterday. Boo.
According to his PR we are re-scheduling, but I just don't know when yet - so close and yet so, so far. I'm thinking he might have caught wind of my somewhat fabulous idea to conduct the interview with him in a loincloth providing all his answers in song...hmm.

I'm all about watching Ugly Betty tonight and while I love The Man, I am not loving that he is loitering around the living room vicinity right now, he knows he has no chance of dictating the remote on a Friday evening but I think part of him might be contemplating giving it a go.

That would be foolish my friend, very foolish.

I don't think he realises that not only is it UB, it's a posh-tacular UB - if he reaches for the remote, I will take him down.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I've now moved on to pitching feature ideas, but before I put my sparkly pink thinkin' cap on and try to channel my inner teen-girl, I wanna wish all the Americano-types Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow...

Now, as I'm a self-crowned, honorary Americano, it's only right and proper that I celebrate Thanksgiving too, because being thankful is good.


So, here's what I'm giving pink pom-pom cheers for this year...

Team Lola - all the people who have made 2 very adorable and very, very pretty books out of my words. Seriously, how freakin' awesome is that?

Friends - I'm so blimmin' lucky to have so many fab friends, both online and in person, who love me, support me, give me props, buy my books, send me fab mail - if I could only be an incy wincy bit as good at being a friend as you all are, then I'd be mucho chuffed.

Gok Wan - He's grabbed my boob AND he makes TV shows that make me feel fabulous about myself - what's not to love?

My fam - all of them, including The Man's fam too, but I'm especially sending pom-pom cheers to my step-dad. He's really poorly and while we've not always agreed on everything, and at times I was a nightmare teen-girl, I'm super thankful for EVERYTHING he's ever done for me - for all the hols he's taken me on, for all the encouragement he's given me and even for all the arguments we've had - LOVE you!

Ugly Betty - I LOVE that show.

The new M&S adverts - retro fabulousness at it's finest!

Amazingly talented craft-girls
- I am totes inspired by craft girls who make pretty, pretty items of wonder that I am able to wear, especially Lau at HeidiSeeker and Kandy and Seelena!

- you know I LOVE the mail.

Everyone that sponsored and supported my Walk New York - Thank You, thank you, thank you.

Mizz magazine - how I get away with calling it work, I just don't know - the nicest bosses in the ENTIRE world!

Pug dogs - They are my new obsession. J'adore.
I want one soooooooooooooo badly, I want a black one and I want to call him Frodo. Just have to talk The Man into loving them too, may try and work some kind of mind trick on him in his sleep.

Lee Mead - and the fact that I'm interviewing him. TOMORROW. Eeep.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm still suffering from NYC withdrawal symptoms so have taken to watching Gossip Girl online for a regular NYC fix! Those Americanos get ALL the best TV - have you seen it? I freakin' LOVE it! I'm not a huge fan of the books and feel a li'l dirty when I read them, but Gossip Girl the teev show is deffo a new guilty pleasure - totes recommend it!

I'm now LOVIN' Same Difference...I don't know their names but previously I'd not thought good thoughts about them, but seriously, could two people be more adoreable? They've got the totes Disney factor, and you know how much I dig me the Disney channel, and they live near me, but just so y'know, I'm still backing Ryds ALL the way - he's outstanding, and shhh, don't tell anyone, but I think I'm crushing on him!

What's that?

Are you laughing? Pah.

I am slightly mad that Hope are still in. I love me the girls, but I do NOT love me a mass marketed version of what Simon blimmin' Cowell thinks is Girl Power. Grr.

What else?

Ohh - I got yet another b-day parcel today - I'm seriously lovin' my month long b'day... I've still got a b-day massage at a swank spa to cash in from The Man and some bday pennies - those will deffo be spent on the Hairspray DVD - out Monday whoop, whoop!

The parcel was from the adoreable Miss Sabine - check it out...

I am LOVIN' the nail varnish - after I've had my bath, I am all about painting my toes and fingers in a matching combo of pink fabulousness - thanks Miss Sabine, you rule!

Ohhh, guess what?! I got sent Lee Mead's new album to review over at Pink World, you might remember that I crushed on Lee. A LOT. I'm working at trying to score an interview too, I'm just hoping they don't check previous blog entries and realise I'm a total Lee craven, 'til then, the album will more than suffice and it's abso blimmin' brilliant! Obv. when I review it for Pink World I'll be a little bit more descriptive with my words and all!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My NYC trip - the photojournal - I'm so art girl!

View from our hotel window. Sigh.

Our hotel room - swanksville, eh? I was so tempted to bring the pillows home, but apparently that's stealing. Who knew?

Taken at the start of our walk. Is it rude to say she's a li'l disappointing in real life? Yes? Well, I'm rude then, coz she is like a Statue of Liberty Polly Pocket.

No sleep til Brooklyn...Bridge.

Girl heaven. Fact.

Check out the perched merch - j'adore!

Macys. So big and a li'l bit scary.

What do you think? On sale in Macys, a mere snip at $180!

I heart Betsey Johnson and I WANT and NEED ALL of these bags.

It's the Naked Cowboy, of course.

Is all you need.

Looked so pretty on the shelf of Hersheys, but am absolutely positive they would taste like cheap, market stall malteasers.

I HEART this building. My absolute, most favourite building in NYC.

Had a slight dizzy moment in the presence of such beauty. Sephora = Beauty Mecca.

Grand Central Station. Coolio.

How pretty is this shop window? It was in the west village - v.pretty.

Another pic of me and the Fred Flare boys from Prettyville High!

These are the yummy cupcakes Fred Flare brought over to our hotel - not only are they pretty, they also bring great presents!

And they bought me this too - I can now live out all my 'mean reds' Audrey fantasies!

Purchases - Erm...the peanut cups were pressies, 'cept I've eaten a few. Matt, the Cookies and Creams are yours, you just better hope I don't get started on them before we come down to Weymouth next!

How adorebells are these sneakers? I'm thinking I'm going to work these in a total Pretty in Pink fabulousness kinda way.

Well, I did have birthday money after all, it would have been rude not to have spent it, right?

And finally, no holiday, with me at least, is complete without buying books...I love me the books.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's a sad, sad day.

I'm back.

And as much as I love The Man and did miss him lots and lots, I want to be back in NYC.


That city rocks - I did take lots of pix which I'm in the process of downloading right now, I will hook you up with those asap for your very own NYC fix, but at the mo they're makin' me a li'l bit sad to look at coz I want to climb back on the plane and get right back over there.

For those of you who've never been, not only is NYC one big, incredible film set which gives you the chance to play out a different character each day - one day Carrie Bradshaw, the next Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada - it's also the best positivity fill-me-up a girl can ask for. Seriously, as you come up under the tunnel into NYC from the airport, along with pollution, hot dogs and pretzels, the smell of possibility is in the air.

When you're in NYC absolutely ANYTHING seems possible.

And I LOVE that feeling.

Most importantly, Keris and I completed the 13 mile walk - wohhhooo - it was awesome!
See, what did I say? Anything is possible in NYC!

It was v.cold but you'll be pleased to know that I accessorised my outfit accordingly with pink scarf and glove combo - when doing a half marathon a girl can still be fashion aware 'k?! I did do it with a pink handbag too which is probably a li'l excessive, but you know, I have a rep as a pink princess to maintain!

It was an amazing experience, the route took us all through Wall Street, across the Brooklyn bridge, through Tribeca and SoHo up to the Empire State, past Macy's, into Times Square, up and down 5th avenue and Madison Ave, Grand Central Station, pst the Chrysler building - my absolute fave NYC building, past Central park and back to our hotel which was in the Upper East Side - so cool!

I got a medal and everything!

So everyone that sponsored and supported me - thank you soo much - together, you helped me to raise £1,510! The Children's Society are going to email the final amount raised by our group over in the next couple of days - there were over 100 people taking part - we were a purple force!
Turns out that while purple may be this season, it's not my colour - you will see this from the ill-fitting t-shirt I was forced to wear. Not cool.

The lovely Keris and I renamed our trip Talk New York, because from the second we met we only stopped talking when we went to bed! Then we'd wake up at 6 each morning and start up again as if we'd never stopped! Keris is a walkin, talkin' NYC film tour too, so not only did we talk about stuff of fabulousness a lot of the time, I also now know every film locale in the whole city - she could totes charge for that skill! We also share a huge love for all things books and wasn't phased by spending two hours in a book store in fact she positively encouraged it - that deffo sealed our FF status!

We squeezed in much-needed shopping time, did a harbour cruise with cheesy entertainment and yummy food and totes jaw-drop views of the statue of liberty and the city at night - we met with the lovely Diane and her mumma and after the walk, I was rewarded with the best treat of all...the gorgeous boys from Fred Flare - yumsville!

They hooked us up with yummy cupcakes and an Audrey sleep mask that I've been lusting over for like, forever and we hung out in the upstairs bar of my hotel with fabulous views of NYC sipping beer and cocktails - deelish! Not only are these dudes the head boys at Prettyville High, they're also quite possibly the best company a girl can ask for - so freakin' adoreable! We talked celebrity. A Lot. And have now got me a whole new vocab based on Chris' 1,2 steps - Lola will totes be working the 1,2 step in future books!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Before I start, have you seen that Hairspray the musical is now on the Westend stage?!! How freakin' awesome is that? When I'm back from NYC, I wanna go bad!

This is only going to be a short 'un coz as always I'm totes disorganised and still have HUGE amounts work to do before I can get excited 'bout NYC - I haven't even got any dollars yet and I'm deffo gonna need them!

Just so you know, I'm off early Friday morning, the walk is on Sat - please send me lots of pink, positive thoughts - Sunday is shopping day and we come back Monday afternoon! Will take a photo diary for y'all!

In other news, I'm the luckiest girl in lucksville!

It's now Wednesday and I'm still getting Birthday parcels - whoop, whoop!

These are a selection of treats from Chevverchops and Miss Sally - Benefit prods AND chocolate - who wouldn't be happy with that?!

These treats from Miss Steph - I especially love the envelope that has a pic of JK rowling and a comment that says 'that'll be you one day!' - how freakin' cute?! Thanks Miss Steph!

This hand made card from the uber talented, ed-girl Julie - how beautiful is it?

These gorgeous travel treats for my NYC trip from the fabulous Miss Lindsey and yummy James - the travel journal is filled with Miss Lindsey's favourite NYC haunts - how blimmin cool is that?!

Look! How much do you want a felt Lola badge?!! it's adoreable isn't it? Uber cool ed-girl of Sugarpaper zine, Seleena has made me it and I will be wearing it everywhere from now on!

And finally, this pile of good-enough-to-eat treats all the way from Hong Kong from the adoreable Miss Aimee - it's all I can do to stop myself eating that necklace right up!

See, I really am the luckiest girl in lucksville - I really, really love snail mail it's the bestest thing ever and beats those blimmin' letters I get from that Bill dude, that's f'sure!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My 1st self-portrait since being 25+4!

So, my b'day s'far has been really rather fabulous and the good news is, it's still going on today as I'm having B'day yummies at lunchtime with some of my favourite ladies at Cocos!

Friday night I went for a diet coke in a local pub...

Martin bought me a fab jewellery holder, 'cept he broke it in transit, and while it's easily mendable with a bit of superglue, I'm kinda liking it without the finger, it gives it character, don'tcha think?!

Now that I'm 25+4 I'm obv not able to stay out past midnight because when Mr Martin suggested going to throw shapes in a local club, I declined...I love throwing shapes, but I was just super tired, that's a bit sad innit?!! Still, from what I heard, they got a bit silly on fizzy pop and had very sore heads the next day! That's when I felt slight smug for preferring my bed to shape throwin'!

Me and Martinez - we learned that having our pic taken from above is SO much more flattering - all pix from now on will be taken from above. Fact.

Vix and I before we learned the flattering-pix-taken-from-above trick, still we look kinda cute straight on!

Anywhoo - birthday day, The Man was a cutester from Cutesville, brought me breakfast in bed - crunchy nut clusters, and gave me a card and an arm full of pressies that included a full body massage in a swanky salon for when I get back from NYC - how thoughtful is that? Personally, I think it's a cheeky trick to make sure I actually come back - he knows how much I LOVE me the NYC, y'see!

Also got lots of lovely pressies, phone calls and texts - then these arrived...

...from the ed-girls at my publishers - aren't they bee-yoouu-tiful? Roses and lillies are my absolute favourites - so nice!

Also got this package from the gorgeous Pink Ladies, Miss Nads and Miss Carla - the mix CD rules!

And these fabulous treats from the gorgeous Pink Lady Rai - thank you so much!

I spent the entire day in my new cupcake PJs - no photos of them, I'm 'fraid - I watched Marilyn in Seven Year Itch - adoreable, my BFF Susie and her mum came for tea and I got more fab pressies, including the new Michael Ball CD - I love him 'k? The Man had booked to take me out for a secret dinner but I was lovin' being in my PJs so much we decided to cancel and order in yummy food and watch X factor instead - it was quite possibly the most perfect of loungin' days!

In other news: I walked 11 whole miles yesterday and don't ache too much today so next week's half marathon in NYC shouldn't be too bad - fingers crossed!

I'm reading Mica Paris' book Beautiful Within - a pressie from Susie - so good, I really like her!

Oh, and Miss Sabine, so good to hear from you - pleeaaase mail me as I've lost your email address - grr.