Thursday, January 31, 2008

Does anyone have a spare $3.6 million please?

I wouldn't normally ask, it's just that Miss Keris has made me aware that my DREAM house is up for sale in my DREAM city and best of all, it's currently owned by my fave EVER designer girl.

It's absolutely, positively meant to be mine.

Except, Lola is not close to making me that amount of money just yet - if only I'd have thought up a story about a pesky blimmin' wizard - but seriously, in poundage it's only £1.3 million, that's practically free...


You'll be investing in this pink pile of bricks, in NYC, currently owned by the ah-mazing Betsey Johnson.


You could totally come to stay...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I had a dream that scared the livin' bejezzlebums outta me last night... I dreamed I was actually pregnant.


It scared me sooooooooo bad I had to get up and do something to shed the very idea from my head - so I did this...

I bought it on a whim, but it's actually blimmin' brilliant! The tattoo-ed, cool-haired Paige and Chaos provide a kick-ass workout that's actually fun. It's really hard work, and I'm feeling it already, but it's a nice change from the sereneness that pilates DVDs usually provide, I do dig that, but I dig this much, much more!

Oh, and thankfully, according to my book o' dreams, dreaming about being pregnant doesn't mean you actually are - phew - it's a sign of new beginnings and new starts, which is much better news!

And actually getting up and doing exercise is deffo a new start!
This January has been a month right outta sucksville in Lisa Land - I've ate loads of bad things for comfort and put on extra, not-needed weight, I've curled up under the duvet much more than I really should have, I've hardly written a word of Lola and while I deffo needed to take time out and do that for a li'l bit, it's really not an option long term. That's why I've been filling up my Think Pink box of fabulousness, making lists of things I like and signing up for new, fab hippy-girl courses - I LOVE my pink-tinted version of life, and it seems such a waste not be laughing out loud and having fun and adventures on a daily basis, doesn't it?

Which may of been what the dream was suggesting because before I went to bed last night, I wrote in my journal that I'm gonna take my own Beauty*Licious advice and stop using my body as a trash can, do fun things to get my endorphins pumpin' like dancing and pilates, and instead of treating myself with cake, treat myself with yummy skin care prods and cute-ass accessories that, combined will prettify me inside and out! You'll be pleased to know, however, that I will NOT be excluding my choc/cake love entirely, because quite frankly, that would be simply ridiculous.

All this goodness has kick-started an amazing chain of pink-tinted events - an email from the gorgeous Keith at FF - love you mister, an envelope of LOVE sent from my publishers filled with letters and sequins from your fab selves - please keep 'em coming, I LOVE snail mail put an address on and I'll deffo reply, treats to self from Amazon - Adele CD, Nickelback CD and a book about Goddesses and a bright, sun-kissed day - life is officially sweet again - yay!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I like the sunshine.
I don't like it hot and sticky, like in the summer, but in the winter, when everything is crisp and clear, the sunshine pretty much rocks more than anything else.
I went out for a walk earlier and it totes made me smile from ear to ear. It also made me squint, which I'm not altogether happy about, as I don't want any unnecessary wrinkles at such a tender young age. I would of worn sunglasses, but I always feel such a numpty wearing shades in January - what are the rules about these things?

I like listening to music on oversized headphones.

It fills my head with musical happiness and is by far the best way to listen to music. It really helps when I'm writing to block the real world out and completely lose myself in a Lola-inspired soundtrack!

I like napping.
Ohmystars, I do like napping. That is factuality, in fact, this is probably the reason for us needing a new sofa, The Man and I take turns to nap on it on a Sunday afternoon. (FYI, we didn't get a new sofa on Friday, turns out a sale does not an affordable sofa maketh. Why am I not in an Ikea delivery zone?!! It's really rather rude that I'm not.)

I like channeling my inner hippy chick.
After developing an unhealthy obsession with UK Style's TV show Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses, my passion for wanting to become a holistic therapist has become so huge, I've booked myself onto a series of holistic/healing courses and I'm starting with crystal healing and hot rock massage - repeat after me, Ommmm.

I like the Observer's Woman magazine.

It comes free once a month. It's awesome - great journalism, cool features about women you actually want to read about and great fashion. I also like YOU magazine. It comes free with The Sunday Mail. I don't love the paper and it's politics and if I could buy it as a separate magazine, I totes would, but I can't and I really like it's coverage of women doing cool stuff, so I buy it. So there.

I like making friends.
I really like the friends I have, but I like making new ones too. I've made friends with the lovely Sai in Japan through Myspace. She's gonna educate me in all things Japanese and we're gonna do cool Japanese/British trade offs - so not only a new friend but cool post from a new country - whoop, whoop! I've also started to send fan mail to people who's blogs I read telling them why I love both them and their writing - sharing the love and all that!

I like making lists.
Wanna see my list for this week?

- Finish final edit of fiction book 1
- Finish a readable edit of fiction book 2 to send to agent lady and ed-girl
- Plan website content schedule
- Upload new website content
- Return emails to readers
- Tidy the house - yawnsville...bored just thinking about it. Miss Sally has a fab saying about why you shouldn't waste your time cleaning, I can't remember exactly what it is, but I know I agree with it, except I haven't done any since before Christmas, that's quite bad innit?
- Put together and send parcels of pink fabulousness to Amy, Julie, Sai, Seleena, Cathy and Cordelia
- Take a pilates class
- Hang out with my mumma and do something fun and craftin' together
- Pay tax bill - I'd actually saved for it this year, so it's not too much of a shock to the bank balance, feel positively virtuous for being slightly organised!
- Find someone in Australia who wants to do magazine swappin'
- Set up new coaching/creativity website
- Get creative in my journal with felt tips and cuttin' and pastin' - LOVE putting fun playful things as actual to-do's amongst all the borin' stuff like house work and bill paying.
- Start work on my own zine - a real life paper one, so excited!

I like blogging.

A lot.

I like re-reading books.

I have a pile of brand-new, exciting books just waiting to be read, but instead I'm re-visiting old favourites, and am really enjoying the familiarity...
Have re-read California Club by Belinda Jones - chicklit at it's very, very finest, if you need a book vacay, then Belinda Jones is so good at taking you on adventures in amazing locations - she rocks. Also re-read Weetzie Bat in Francesca Lia Block, it's a one sitting read and I LOVE it. I've recommended it to a few pals recently and they've had nothing but good things to say about it.

I like Courtney Love's blog on Myspace.

She has moments of profoundness and then she has a severe touch of the crazies. Love her.

What do you like?

Friday, January 25, 2008

So, I have a lot of days that go right, you know, the sunshine-filled, bliss-kissed days that are filled with fabulousness, I get A LOT of those, because I create them in my pink tinted world. They are the very best kind of days.

But then, then there are days like today.
I woke up feeling sad about losing my step-dad and generally a li'l bit sorry for myself.

Now, I had options, I could of gone right back to bed and stayed under my duvet for the foreseeable future, I could have put on the One and Only by Chesney Hawkes and sung along at the top of my voice, I could of gone for a long walk along the beach, I could of put on my pilates for Indie rockers DVD and stretched my funk out.

'Cept I didn't.
I didn't do any of these things.
Instead I shouted at The Man. A lot.
Felt a little bit more sorry for myself, and cried. A lot.

So consequently, because I didn't address my funk, everything just went wrong, wrong, wrong.
The Man and I planned on going to buy a new sofa, except I left the instructions at home, he called me an idiot, I cried some more, then shouted at him, tried to get out of a moving car, he went through a light, got mad at me, we screamed at each other.
It wasn't fun, nor was it pretty.

That's what you get for not listening to how you really feel. If I had, I'd of told The Man I was feeling a li'l glum and I wouldn't have tried to 'act' normal, because I wasn't feeling normal, nothing like normal.

But I did check in with myself, realised what I was doing, and apologised to The Man for not explaining how I was really feeling and why. When I did, the world turned a teeny li'l bit pinker. The lady at the counter in Tesco called me 'Sunshine', Debbie Harry came on the radio and we rocked out, and I arrived home to fabulous-o mail from Miss Seelena - a Lisa rules puzzle, fizzy cherry cola bottles - my fave, strawberry scented ink for my cartridge pen and Miffy mail - thanks Miss Seelena - I LOVE it all!

Proof that when you're true to yourself and honest and open about what you're feeling, even the worst of day can turn into a pink-tinted one!
On recommendation from amazing author-girl, Melissa Walker I bought myself a copy of Franny and Zooey by J.D.Salinger. You absolutely HAVE to read it. I won't tell you about it because I'd hate to ruin the joy that is reading this book - it's only a thin one and can be consumed, and absolutely should be, in one sitting.

I've been in the big city of Londinium this week in training to be an all singing, all dancing techno-girl - you'll be pleased to know that there is nothing I can't tell you about wireframes and CMS, there really isn't! Now, I know this doesn't sound at ALL like me, and sshh, don't tell the boss-types, it really isn't, but it is all for a very good reason, I promise! It's v.exciting and I shall tell you ALL about it soonest, pinky swear!

As well as all the techno witchcraft, I had two brand-new experiences on my London stay-over: 1. I ate dim sum and 2. I played High School Musical Singstar - both of which are now top of my list of all things AMAZING!

Can you believe I've never had dim sum? I've been to Chinatown in three of the coolest cities in the world, London, NY, San Fran, yet never had Dim Sum - luckily, Miss Lindsey is very cultured and took me to a place called Ping Pong near Carnaby Street. YOu have to fill in forms and allsorts to get your food, but it was ALL fabulous and I ate EVERYTHING with chopsticks, I am now more than ready to visit China safe in the knowledge that I will not starve!

HSM Singstar is hard work.
That's factuality.
I have a sneaky suspicion that ed-girl has been practising in my absence, there is no other reason as to how she would be able to whip my bee-hind as substantially as she did. You'd think, as I was a guest, she'd let me at least win Breaking Free, but no. She is a girl of the competitive variety and she was out to win. And she did. A lot..

And I know I'm late on this, but I LOVED Heath Ledger. I especially loved him in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Sad, sad days.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This week has been one of the toughest times I've ever experienced, it was my step-dad's funeral. It was so so sad, yet so heart warming to be in the company of so many people who loved and adored him.

Which is why I re-visited my book, Think Pink today.

Y'see, when something hard knocks you, it's easy to forget all the things that make you feel good, and for a while you think you'll never feel good again, 'cept life's really far too short to think like that, and I also really, really want to write, and in order to write all things Lola, I need to get my pink thinkin' on - big time!

I loved reading it again, I even did some of my own exercises - I made Think Pink cards which was mucho fun and meant I got to colour in, and you know how much I love to colour in, and I put more treats in my 'Think Pink box of things that make me feel fabulous' - this has been on replay for the last hour...

I LOVE this musical and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song so much! If ever there were a Think Pink anthem, this would be it!

The book Remember Me to Harold Square by Paula Danziger as recommended by my ed-girl, it's from our youth but still just as good when re-read as an adult, if you haven't read it, go get a copy!

The song I'm on my way by The Proclaimers, love that they sing in a scottish accent and love it even more for the line "I'm on my way from misery to happiness today - uh huh, uh uh"

What would be in your Think Pink box of things that make you feel fabulous? Care to share with me? I've still got room for more and I love recommendations!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My name is Lisa, and I'm addicted to Miami Ink.

There, I've said it.

I really love it. I love it so much that I want to climb on a plane to Miami, like now, and have them tattoo me from head to toe.

I also took a wrong turn down Cheese Street and have just watched Dancing on Ice. I'm all about the dude from Hollyoaks and Susanne Shaw.

Am now going to watch Louis Theroux, who I have a HUGE crush on - Geek boy chic rock n rules.

D'ya know, I haven't moved from this sofa in 6 whole hours. Well, it is Sunday, day of rest and all that.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

There's this saying in America "when life throws you lemons, make lemonade" or something like that, basically, I think it means that when life is a bit sucky, make your own happiness, which is why I am seeking fabulousness wherever I can find it right now!

Things I'm lovin'...

My gorgeous pal Aimee's emails and messages
- she's super-cool, bee-you-tiful and talented, and we LOVE exactly the same things - she works in Hong Kong at the moment but her messages and emails are like magical moments of sparkly-gorgeousness...

Miami Ink - am I the only person to love this programme? I watched the entire second series in one sitting last Sunday - tattooed men are my very favourite kind, and by the end of my MI marathon session, I'd planned at least 5 more tattoos of my own!

Team Lola at my publisher, HarperCollins
- there are so many exciting Lola developments that are going to happen this year and everyone is working so hard for them all to be as AMAZING as possible - will share all the deets with you VERY soon!

Janet Street Porter's book, Life's too f***ing Short
- I bought my mum and I a copy each, it's awesome! I met JSP in Edinbro once and she was wearing a necklace with the rudest word you could EVER imagine - I don't dig potty mouths, but she rocks!

The gorgeous girls at Sugar Paper zine who have created a calendar for 2008
- it's blimmin' brilliant!

It’s got tips, cool links, pics to colour in and even cute craft boys. Yum! My fave SP tip is: Make sure you tell people you want post!

Now, I like emails, comments and messages, but I LOVE post sooo much more! Y’know, real life snail mail, with glitter and stickers and news and stories and pix and general fabulousness.

So, why don’t you become a retro writer girl, pick up a pen and send me real-life post? That would be AWESOME!

I'll deffo reply, I love writing letters!

Send me mail at: Lisa Clark c/o HarperCollins Children’s Books, 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 8JB

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If it feels like storm clouds are gathering on your horizon - watch this - I LOVE it!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

"...Life is an occasion, rise to it!..."
Mr Magorium

The Man took me to see Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, I didn't know what to expect really, just that it looked really rather fabulous and has been on my list of must-sees for a while now...

Well, it was awesome.

Really, really awesome.

I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but it was perfectly magical for where I'm at right now. The Man scores yet more get-out-of-cupboard points, at this rate he'll never have to sit in the darkness again!

Movies are most deffo the perfect time out from real life. Which is why today, I plan on watching Art School Confidential - thanks for the recommendation, Miss Carla! I got it for £3.99 on in the sale, and I'm re-watching The Notorious Betty Page which is a li'l rude but I'm watching it for for pin-up girl style tips - clothes, pose and expression...LOVE it! I'm then going to see if I can get my writer-girl back on, I've got so much work to do, but also know I need to be easy on myself too.

My day was made much, much sweeter by a super-sweet girl behind the counter at my local One Stop - she was a total Pink Lady, rocking purple eyeshadow and a cool range of metal facial adornment and she told me I looked absolutely gorgeous. She just came right out with it, when handing me my change. Whatta cutester?!
I've totes put it in my compliment box and will deffo make a concerted effort to hand out more myself in 2008 - cute bag? Tell 'em! Dig their eye make up? Tell 'em! Giving and receiving compliments is so what Pink Thinkers do!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sending you all pink-glitter fabulousness for a great 2008!

I'm sorry it's belated, and not wishin' to rain on anyone's pink new year parade, but my step-dad died early on New Year's Day, which was a blessing because now he's no longer fighting the horrible Cancer which turned him into a man I hardly recognised, but so, so sad because he's left a massive John-shaped hole in our world, especially my mumma's, that nothing will ever fill.

I've stayed with my mumma for the last week and we've had lots of storytelling and lots of tears - I've also had to be a proper grown up and help my mumma to organise things, and I have to say, it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do, I'm a pink thinker by nature and there's nothing pink about organising funerals.

He was a colourful, storytelling character who I didn't always agree with, and sometimes argued with as a teenager, but he made my mumma very happy, they saw the world together and he fiercely believed in me doing well. He had such a positive outlook on life and if you didn't know him, you'd deffo know of him here in Portsmouth.

If nothing else, it's proved to me that life is far too short to get hung up on the silly things - your life can be amazing if you fill it with fabulousness on a daily basis, don't go on a diet - just be nicer to yourself, treat yourself like a princess - soak in baths, eat good food that is right for your body, don't be fearful of doing something new - who knows, it might turn to be the best thing you've ever done, most importantly, love yourself and give yourself permission to live your life totally unlimited 'k?

In fact, I wrote a feature before Christmas for an amazing new site called New Years Revolution about that very thing, go check it out...