Monday, December 11, 2006

I had good monday mornin' vibes when I woke up earlier and they've lasted all day, which is really rather good innit?

I'm still thinkin' 'bout that film. Have I mentioned how much I loved The Holiday yet?

I'm also still thinking about the book I finished up last night. Remember I told you 'bout the amazing Hilary Carlip who I've now taken to stalking, opps, I mean, diggin' on? Well her book 'Queen of the Oddballs' blew me away.
Did I tell you she sent it to me personally? Not that I'm one to name drop or anything. Ahem.
Seriously though, the woman rock n' rules. I'm gonna move to Hollywood and become her new BFF. Fact.

The book is for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.
Hilary is the result of someone who completely embraced her oddballness and has used it to become a kick ass author, scriptwriter, web designer, pop starlet, teen expert, 80's film star, she's even appeared on blimmin' Oprah!
The book really resonates with me, well, apart from the fact Hils lives in Hollywood and all, but her story is totally inspiring and was the complete butt-kick I needed after a weekend feeling a lil bit sorry for myself!

So instead of seeing The Holiday again, (I'm going tomorrow instead!) I decided to do some work towards my plan for pink domination, I interviewed some fab people for the new pink-world website, I composed some questions for my new BFF Hilary Carlip, did I tell you she sent me mail? Chased some fab giveaways - it's all been mucho fun...

Chevverchops has just written in her blog that there is such a thing as white chocolate buttons - why do I not know about this items of dee-lishessness? I will march her to a shop first thing tomorrow in order for her to prove that such treasure exists!

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