Monday, October 30, 2006

Just a quickie to say that Lola Love, hipster heroine of Think Pink, has a blog and she has just interviewed the too cool for school zine queens responsible for the uber cute 'Polka Zine' - read all about it at:
Okay, budding writer types - listen up!
November is National Novel Writing Month - more commonly known as NaNoWriMo - an annual challenge to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November.
So, that's what I'm going to do.
I know I'm a writer girl, but I neglect my fiction and always find something more important to write, but November is going to be all about my fiction - I have an idea that I'd love to develop and think this is the ideal opportunity to make it happen.
Sign up at where you build a profile and get your very own progress-ometer to keep track of how you're doing. You can team up with writing buddies and it's generally just a great exercise in kickin' your wannabee writer ass. So, you don't finish it? So, you only write 1,000 words? You're going to be a whole lot further than you were to achieving your dream, right? The website has all the information you'll need to make it happen and the starting gun is fired on November 1st - good luck!

PS: During Nanowrimo, my absolute favourite book site - is running what they're calling NaNovember, they'll have interviews with - and guest blogs by - authors whose NaNo novels have been published (including Trashionista fave Lani Diane Rich), reviews of the books and - yes! - more giveaways. And that's not all! They'll also have features and updates on the NaNo experiences of certain Trashionistas and much much more. It's going to be great and it all kicks off on Wednesday 1st NaNovember. You'd be mad to miss it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the special edition Royle Family that's on later tonight.
I love, love, love that programme.
Obviously, my life isn't all about the TV, although I did spend over 4 hours watching Just Jade yesterday afternoon. I was researching at the same time, so it was not complete time wasted and as I dig Jade, who is far more intelligent than she'll ever let on, it wouldn't have been a waste anyway. So there. Living TV really is rather fabulous. I had missed the whole series, so they replayed it all. That rocks.

I didn't stay in all day though.
I went out and even missed X Factor.
I know, crazy.
I got a taxi to my friend's house and the taxi driver became my least favourite person the second I shut the door.
TD: "It's good to see you dressed up for Halloween, Morticia Adams is it?"
Let me explain my outfit to you. I was wearing a pink neck scarf, pink beads, a pink headband with a black knitted dress that I love.
I dig Morticia, but she is not a style icon in my world and I can guarantee she would not wear pink. Not ever.
So I laughed. Thinking he was joking. Not very funny, but still.
Turns out he wasn't.
TD: "so, is that where you're going? A halloween party?"
ME: "No, dinner with a friend"
TD: "What so no halloween party?"
ME: (Red rage was starting to make an appearance at this point) "Nope, no halloween party, I dress like this on a daily basis."
TD: (big laughter, y'know, proper belly laughs) Yeah, sure you do love! You're proper funny you are."
I was fuming.
I did not talk for the rest of the journey. He asked questions, but I ignored him. This is not very Think Pink I know, but even I have my off days y'know.

Luckily, my host was all kinds of complimentary, so I un-joined the black parade and resumed my place in Pink-world.
My super-stylish friend from swanksville had made me a pre-birthday dinner. He is quite possibly the best cook, like ever.
Sssh, don't tell the man though, as he thinks he's something of a Jamie/Gordon in the kitchen.
My swanksville friend is suffering right now and is often prone to diva-esque behaviour about it all, so to be able to make such dee-lish food and look completely hot-to-trot in times of trouble, I think is pretty damn impressive.
He rocks.

I had pumpkin soup, I'd never had pumpkin before and it's now a new favourite according to my tastebuds, mushroom risotto and pink bubbles - which he tried to convince me was super posh wine from Poshville, but I'm convinced it was my number one favourite, pink lambrusco, it tasted too nice to be posh wine!

He is also a lil bit obsesso about the sad songs right now, so I took it upon myself to change them. When feeling grumpy lumps, sad songs are not appropriate - well they are sometimes, but I'm not gonna let him wallow in Joni Mitchell, I just won't allow it - but apparently this is not the 'done' thing - who knew?

After chat and good food, we arrived fashionably late at this swanky bar opening.
Man, it was hot. As in Indian heat wave hot.
My friend and I are not good in the heat.
There were lots of friends there so it was a great chance to catch up, but when it started to rain outside and was too hot inside we decided to call it a night.
Hardcore, we are not.

It did mean I got extra time in bed where I am currently reading Stephen King's On Writing reccomended to me by all my real writer friends, and is the only SK book I think I can read without scaring myself silly. I'm really looking forward to seeing him now, the man is beside himself about it all, I'm guessing it's like me meeting McFly.
Or not.

So last night was the start of bday week celebrations. I am a sucker for celebrating and although I have no official bday plans, things are appearing in my diary and I think this is going to be a week of pink-filled glitter fun!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Still lovin' my hair.
I really did do lots of work too. And while previous Fridays have been spent with the lovely Vix and Adam, I'm all snuggled on the sofa with a blankie and warm soy milk tonight and I'm watching something called Make Me A Model.
I like Fearne.
She's cool and not too try-hard.
Now, I heart America's Next Top Model mostest, and just when I think each cycle can't get any better, it does.
This however, is a poor, poor imitation with boys.
Except, while I'm wanting to hate it, I'm really liking it. Isn't that always the way?
I'm lovin' Waz.
I don't really understand what's going on, think there must be a week day programme or something, but I do know there is some serious cheek bone-age going on.

Do you know, I'm quite possibly the best girlfriend in all of girlfriendsville.
Yes, I do put my boyfriend in the Boyfriend Cupboard, but this, as I'm sure you'll understand, is for his own good. Nope, I really am good because I bought tickets for the man to see his very favourite author of all time, Stephen King.
I've never read a single Stephen King book, which were we to be married would officially be grounds for divorce, but while we're in the stages of co-habiting the man thinks he can still encourage me to become a fan. It's not that I doubt the dude's ability, he seems legendary, but I don't do scary. Fact.
Inspector Morse makes me hide behind the sofa, reading scary is more scary x 100.
But the man is practically kissing feet in response to the ticket.
I'm good.
It's not even his bday in a weeks time, it's mine. Which just goes to show that just because I'm an only child, I only think of myself. Although if it does encourage him to consider that trip to see the Pink Castle at Disneyland, Paris, that I dream about on a regular basis, then y'know, cool.

So, the Make Me a Model programme is now doin' some Marie Antoinette style catwalk thing. The photographer judge is shocking. Not only has he got some pretensious made-up name, he looks stoopid wearing silly sunglasses indoors.

I'd like to see Marie Antoinette.
J'adore Sophia Ford Coppla. She's a true inspir-o girl and is a crazy-assed talent. The reviews however, haven't been entirely positive. I'm not normally big on reviews, I can make up my own mind thank you very much. But there hasn't been one good one - not on the blogs I read, not in the press. The soundtrack is killer though, and the outfits and attention to detail in terms of fancy fashion look incredible, so on that basis alone, I think it's worth seeing.

I also have new additions to the handbag.
On a recent shopping trip with my mumma who bought me dee-lish winter attire for my bday, I bought myself make up. It really is the best present to self.
I bought Benefit Eye zings in dark which give me wowzer eyebrows, Benetint that make my lips look all bee-stung and on the recommendation of lil miss ComeOutTonite, I bought Benefit Get Bent Lash which I love, love, love. I feel like a 1950's glam girl. I have no money, but damn, I look cute.
I was trying desperately hard to put in a full day of writing without any distraction, that was until I got invited to an opening of a swanky bar at the weekend and realised I had a hairdo right out of skanksville, Arizona.

I've been cutting it myself most of this year, but it had turned mucho chunky round the back so I bit the bullet, opened the yellow pages at a random hairdressing page and rang the first number I found, I was designated Mark.

Mark rules. He is an all singing, all dancing rockerbilly, he says excuse me if he knocks one of your piercings (of which I have many) and engages you in killer conversations about old movie stars, Dita Von Tease and old vinyl. He has also given me quite possibly the cutest lil haid do I've ever had - I am now officially working a real-life Betty Page fringe with lil flicky layers, I feel uber glam and keep touching it because it feels so glossy and just-stepped-out-of-a-salon fabulous! It's the first time I've ever come out of a salon and not wanted to flatten it, cut it or buy products to make it look less, y'know, pooufy. Like I say, Mark rules.

I then took my modern-retro twist of a hairdo to the cinema. I met the man from work and he agreed to come see Last Kiss with me.
That is the power of the Boyfriend Cupboard.

Damn, Zach Braff is hot.
He's also incredibly good at acting.
Yes, there was a little navel gazing, but I'm not adverse to that, it is a great portrayal of relationships and especially about boys and how they have issues with the whole growing up thing. I loved it. I loved the dialogue, I loved the beautiful cinematography. And yes, I loved Zach Braff. I did also crush on his three boy mates too. It's a very pretty cast.

So today, I'm going to work. Properly work without procrastination. I have new hair to swish and I have been filled with cinematic inspiro-thoughts, I really have no more excuses.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I've worked very hard today.
I'm telling you this because, as the tarot card reader who I visited on the beach earlier this month so rightly pointed out, I need recognition for even the smallest of tasks, so when I do a big task like my accounts - Yawnsville, Arizona - I need a huge-ass chufty badge.

Yep, I did money stuff.
I sent boring snoring invoices, chased boring snoring invoices, filed boring snoring receipts, logged boring snoring figures and...sorry, I fell asleep just talking about the whole boring snoringness of it all, but the important thing is, I did it. Yay me!
And I didn't even treat myself with chocolate which is practically unheard of, which makes me positvely angelic this evening!

The man however, has been put in the boyfriend cupboard.
For those of you that don't have a boyfriend. You are lucky. For those of you that DO have a boyfriend, but DON'T have a cupboard, then you are...very silly.
Y'see, boyfriends sometimes need a little time out.
There are times when they are completely unreasonable, when they make ridiculous comments or when they are just being, well y'know, annoying, and it is at these moments especially that they need a little cupboard time.
The amount of time is entirely up to you. Ideally, it needs to be enough for them to think about their actions and realise they were completely in the wrong. My Man is not at that stage yet, he still thinks that it was completely okay to take his bad day at work out on me by generally being rather grumpy and shouting a lot.
It was not, which is why he is in the cupboard and will stay there until I hear promises of flowers, Benefit make-up and a trip to Disneyland, Paris.

I have a friend who is going through a tough time right now.
That makes me sad.
What makes me happy though, is that he's being a complete diva about it.
And when I say diva, I mean a diva of epic-like proportions as in Elizabeth Taylor after her break up with Richard Burton.
Uh huh.
He's bought fabulously decadent presents for himself and has taken to his bed.
This is where I like to imagine he's wearing a headscarf, smoking an endless supply of cigarettes and swigging gin from a bottle. I don't condone this behaviour and he's not actually doing it, but like I say, this is what I like to imagine what with me having one of those over-active imaginations and all!
I'm worried that after buying so many expensive presents he will be unable to afford the basics like y'know, food, so I plan on taking him a meal of baked beans and bread tomorrow.
See? I truly am angelic.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Question time

The fabulous-o Mavis B is all about the questions, and while I'm under the duvet listening to rain and alternating between book and 'puter, so am I...

* . . About You . . *

Eye Color::Chocolate brown
Hair Color:: Black, for today at least...
Height:: 5ft 9in - model height according to miss Banks
Favorite Color::Pink, natch.
Screen Name:: Lillie Divine!
Favorite Band:: Oh, that's ridiculous, like I can choose just 1...for today though, I'll choose My Chemical Romance, that decision is subject to constant change so don't quote me on it 'k?
Favorite Movie:: Moulin Rouge
Favorite Show:: Again, so difficult to choose - right now, X Factor...I love the cheese!
Your Car:: I'm not a drivin' kind of girl just yet, but when I pass, I'd like a lil pink smart car - how adoreable would that be?
Your Hometown:: Portsmouth
Your Present Town:: Southsea
Your Crushes First Name:: Crushes is plural right? Oh there are too many, crush of choice today is the bleach blonde lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Sigh.
Your Grade:: A*
Your Style:: Yep, it's most deffo mine!

* . . Have You Ever . . *

Sat on your rooftop?: And kicked off some moss?! No, I haven't as that would be very dangerous on a terraced house...
Kissed someone in the rain?: I have, it's most deffo one of my most favourite things to do!
Danced in a public place?: The man and I do it all the time, in shopping centres, on the beach, in the street...
Smiled for no reason?: I'm always smiling and love to smile at strangers, Sandi Thom was right, it does confuse people - don't let it stop you though!
Laughed so hard you cried?: All of the time!
Peed your pants after age 8?: That's not something you should ever admit to, even if you have, is it? I'll say no, but I do in fact actually mean yes!
Written a song?:: I have actually, lyrics though, I'm not too good with tunes...
Sang to someone for no reason?: Again..all of the time
Performed on a stage?:I have! My first taste of fame was as Mary in the school nativity, I was also in a marching band and we used to perform on stage all the time!
Talked to someone you don't know?: All the time, especially at bus stops!
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: Yep, I don't ever want to miss out on knowing people I think look, sound, are fabulous!
Made out in a theatre?: If by that, you mean smooched in a cinema, well, yes I have!
Gone roller skating since 8th grade?: I love rollerskating and have a cute-ass retro pair that I use to skate along the seafront!
Been in love?: I am, it's really rather nice!

* . . Who was the last person to . . *

Say HI to you?: My next door neighbour when I put the recycling out earlier!
Tell you, I love you?: The man, this morning *blush*
Kiss you?: The man
Hug you?: The man
Tell you BYE?: My mate Sarah on the phone
Write you a note?: Baily in the front of a book
Take your photo?: Vix on her phone Friday night, which I then made her delete instantly!
Call your cell phone?: Sarah
Buy you something?: Baily - hot chocolate and a book - the very best combination!
Go with you to the movies?: The man - we went to see The Departed, never been so jumpy, so much blood and shooting, not a film for me!
Sing to you?: Martin on Friday night singing me 'Your Song' in the style of Ewan McGregor!
Write a poem about you?:The man, he writes cute lil odes and poems to me a lot, I'm a luck lady!
Text message you?: Adam to tell me how well him and Abs did in the Great South Run this morning while I lay in bed reading my book. Me bad.

* . . What's the last . . *

Time you laughed?: At the advert for The Catherine Tate show, I have tears in our eyes just talking about it, y'know the Granny sketch? My friend Vix has a granny just like her!
Time you cried?: Oh, I cry all the time so I have no real recollection of the last time!
Movie you watched?: Slap her she's French - I loved it!
Joke you told?: Recalling the Catherine Tate granny sketch to the man!
Song you've sang?: My Chemical Romance - it was just on the chart show - it's at number one and everything! Does that mean no one who originally liked them three years ago, will like them now? I don't know how the rules work with the cool kids, I just know it's my most favourite song right now!
Time you've looked at the clock?: just then when you asked!
Drink you've had?: Green tea
Number you've dialed?: oh I don't know, I haven't rang anyone, they rang me...
Book you've read?: Last book was The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma
Food you've eaten?: Sunday lunch
Flavor of gum chewed?: IK don't chew gum, I do occasionally eat softmints though
Shoes you've worn?: My big pink fluffy slippers
Store you've been in?: Erm...The Co-op yesterday for some soya milk
Thing you've said?: I'd love one, ta chico!

* . . Can You . . *

Write with both hands?: Oh if only I could, think how much more I could write?!! I'm just left handed!
Whistle?: Barely
Blow a bubble?: Yes!
Roll your tounge in a circle?: Oh aye!
Cross your eyes?: yes - but it makes me go dizzy!
Touch your tounge to your nose?: Nope!
Dance?: Hell yeah..ive got the moves!!
Stay up a whole night without sleep?: Yes, but it does not make me a very good person...
Speak a different language?: A little French, well quite a bit actually, but not enough to say it's a second language or anything...
Impersonate someone?:
Prank call people?: What am I, 12?
Make a card pyramid?: not a chance, I have no patience...
Cook anything?: pesto pasta

* . . Finish The Line . . *

If i were a ...: rich na na na na na na na na na na na na
I wish ...: I owned a pink Marc Jacob bag - I also wish for all the important stuff like world peace and happiness and health for my family and friends and all that, but have you seen that cute-ass MJ bag??
I am ...: the one and only - I heart Chesney
My heart is ...: huge and full of love
It's raining...

It's raining.
Which is a little rude as I was planning a trip to the cinema.
Now, while we may live in an incredibly modern world with such inventions as umbrellas and public transport that enable us to get places in such riddiculous weather conditions, rain always makes me want to snuggle up under my duvet and read a book - so that's what I did instead. After I had an hour long bubble bath that is. Our bathroom is part of an extension which has a window in the roof, so while I was laying in the bubbles, I was listening to the rain hit the window, by far the most perfecto Sunday morning entertainment, I did feel slightly guilty as two of my friends, Dave and Adam are running the Great South Run today and while I'm now wrapped up in my duvet they're still running the course. Me bad.

I'm currently reading Arianna Huffington's On Becoming Fearless - which I highly reccomend, sometimes I love reading books that provide a world for me to escape into and other times, I like to read books that feed my mind - this one does the latter.

Arianna uses stories from her own life, from contemporary women she admires, and from women in history and literature to show how to be bold, how to make yourself bulletproof, and how to act without dreading the reactions of others.
As a mother, politician, and businesswoman, Huffington discusses how to be strong, be your best self and stop looking over your shoulder for approval. I'm only a little way through right now, but I love it and having just read The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma which is totally fabulous and butt-kickin' this is the perfect follow up! We all need to fill up on the positivity, right?

Tomorrow, I also re-start Tai Chi...See, I told you I positively come alive in the Autumn...I love Tai Chi, it's not as strenuous as Pilates, which I also do but in the comfort of my own home in my PJs, but it requires focus and is a great way to make me zone out all the constant chatter that goes on in my bonce. It's also a very good reason to buy a cute new black and pink tracksuit that I've seen recently!
Opps, I forgot to cross post this from my myspace blog on Saturday. I'm bad.

Shhh, I've got a headache.

It was my friend Vix bday celebrations last night.
Dude, did we celebrate.
A few quiet drinks, she said.
Yeah, right.

There was deffo drinks, but they were not quiet. In fact, every place we visited involved all 6 of us singing a tune of our choosing, favourites included: 'Your Song' from Moulin Rouge, a Dirty Dancing medley, The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance - actually, before I go any further can I just flag up that this is my most favourite song of the whole entire year, I love it and jump up and down everytime it comes on the radio. Have put the album on the birthday list along with Amy Winehouse and The Killers...Ok, so back to last night, we were singing. We were also dancing.
Vix managed to remember the whole Take That - could it be magic dance routine and made a dance floor on the soggy, beer-stained carpet, we then ended up in a rather shady locale that was playing songs by some dude called Sash and we were offering each other dance offs like we were in some 80's hip hop video.
It was not pretty.
Luckily, there's no photographic evidence otherwise I'd be running for the hills right now!
This morning, as you can imagine, is all about the toast and orange juice.

I positively come alive in autumn/winter. Summer time, although pretty with it's longer nights and balmy evenings, makes me hot and bothered and a little bit antsy, which means I don't socialise loads unless I've checked a head for full on air-con or we're sitting outside with the cool breeze of the sea, but autumn/winter? I'm all about the autumn/winter! This week has been filled with socialising treats - I met up with my too-cool-for-school cousin to buy her a birthday pressie and we were all cosmo and drank coffee while chatting about soaps and family members and I met two girlfriends who I hadn't seen since February and their beautiful babies for lunch. They looked fabulous, their babies were cuteness personified and I have a killer baby crush on lil Josh, too, too cute! It was great to catch up and I realised how much I've missed having not seeing them, how much of the babies lives I've missed in the last 7 months - how do those 'together' people keep up with it all? I want so much to remember birthdays, to keep every appointment I make and to be one of those girls who doesn't spill coffee or have to go back to the house at least twice before going out to make sure I've turned my hair straighteners off.
I'm not though.
And do you know what? My friends still dig me! I am one lucky lady!

I've been on fire workwise this week, I've written lots of features 'bout teachers, charm school and Christmas, I've worked some more on my fiction, have finished a rough draft of a possible future Think Pink book and I have appointments next week to discuss new opportunities, I plan on working on the website this week - there will be one more update before Christmas and then we'll be kicking off the new year with an all new cute-ass website to celebrate the launch of the 1st book - so I can't hang around here, while I'm capable of writing words I have to make the most of it!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm watching old episodes of The OC, because...well, why not?
I should be writing. and I am, because I'm one of those writer chicks that need noise in the background to y'know, be able to write and all, but The OC is just too good, so I'm not actually writing and instead I'm watching.
And crushing on Seth all over again.

I'm also a little bit vexed, because on my dinner break I thought I'd do a little online shopping. I had ordered a skinny rib boyfriend jumper, a pair of pink glitter pumps and a cute pink shopper that I planned on using as a weekend bag - filled in all the deets etc, then got all the way to pressing 'confirm' only for them to tell me that the site was too busy, they couldn't process the order and to try again later.
Me + badly working websites = Mad.
Why would they do that? Why would you not have a site that actually works when people want to impulse buy and spend a little too much money on things they may not actually need?
Because now I've had time to get angry, I've also had time to re-think the purchases.
Their loss.

Still, in pinker news, I'm really enjoying The OC, I'm writing a feature about Christmas for Mizz mag which is making me feel all festive, I've gone all Trinny and Susannah planning the pink-world website make-over - it's going to be awesome, and, I'm going to go see Last Kiss this weekend - I heart Zach Braff.
In fact, he hearts me.
How do I know? Because yesterday, he accepted me as a friend on Myspace.
Do you know what that means? That, albeit for a nano second, he had to decide whether to accept me or not, he did, which can only mean one thing...he hearts me, wants to write a complex, slightly inward gazing but still super cool film about me and cast me in the leading role so that he has to kiss me. A lot.
Personally, I'm not entirely adverse to that happening. In fact, Zach? Call me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Believe it or not, I'm a lil bit crafty.
I discovered knitting last year, and it is by far my favourite thing to do when in need of chill time.
And I love sewing too.
Yep, laugh it up, but all the cool kids stich y'know!

Sarra Manning, fabster author/journo girl has just written a feature in this month's Elle 'bout the joys of knitting and I recently interviewed the coolest crafter, Vicky Howell. Now if she cannot persuade you that craft is cool, then no one will. Fact.

Vickie Howell - author/craftster - is promoting her sparkly-gorgeous book Not Another Teen Knitting Book...

* Hey craft-girl, loving the book - tell us about it... Why a book specifically for teens?
Hey there! Thank you so much—I’m really glad you like it. Not Another Teen Knitting Book is a knitter’s take on the stereotypical high school experience. It’s laid out like a yearbook and includes projects representing different events milestones and social cliques—Populars, Brains, Punks, Prom, First Car, etc. I try to infuse a bit of American pop culture into everything I do and in this instance; I’m hoping that effort also brings some humor to the subject of knitting. It’s really important to me that people, especially kids, get and stay creative—hopefully this book will help make that idea appealing.

* Knitting is cool. Fact. For those crazy girls who don't dig stichin', what are they missin'?
Fashion can be pretty cookie-cutter, making it hard not to look like everyone else in your school. One of my favorite things about knitting however is how easy it makes it to express your own personal style. An easy project like a scarf, wristband or capelet can completely change your look. In other words, knitting enables anyone to create their own couture—I love that!

* How did you get to become a professional craft-girl? (we're green with envy!)
I started a couple of craft-based web businesses and Stitch n’ Bitch Groups, basically as a hobby. Through those I slowly began networking and getting my name out there. The producer of the TV show I host here in the states, Knitty Gritty, did a web search for “Hip Knitters”—which happened to be a tagline on my knitting group’s logo. She e-mailed me, I called her immediately and pitched myself and then flew out to Los Angeles, California (I live in Austin, Texas) to audition. Once I got the show gig, I started pitching myself to publishers and magazines and basically just trying to get my projects into any publication possible—I worked for free a lot at first, but it was totally worth it!

* What's next in the world of Vickie?
Well, the other TV show I co-host, Stylelicious, is currently airing on the DIY Network(, There’ll be new Knitty Gritty episodes airing in July. I have an interview with Isaac Mizrahi coming out in the next issue of Knit.1 Magazine ( for fall and I’m working on three new books: 2 knitting and 1 crochet. Check in with me at for any late breaking news, though! ;-)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I went to see the Devil Wears Prada last night - again.
It was a girly trip that involved yummy food, great company and lots of wine, which has slowed me down to a snail pace this morning.
The film hadn't changed, it was still fabulous-o but this time I kinda got to thinking... Miranda, superbitch editor lady, gets slated for being a hard working dragon, yet as Anne Hathaway's character points out, if she was a man everyone would pat her on the back for being so successful.
That sucks.

I don't think you need to be rude to be successful, but I also don't think you should be punished for it either.

Anyway, in homage to the film, I am continuing to dip in and out of The Goddess Guide every day and this morning, I found this great section about women and their handbags and we get a sneaky peek into the author's uber expensive, but v.v. cute Fendi (natch) - I was so impressed, that I thought I'd share the contents of mine...

My current handbag of choice is my recent present to self - The Heidi Seeker Fuzz Guitar bag

Contents include:

My purse - also a Heidi Seeker puchase...

My journal - a hardback notebook where all my thoughts and ideas and plans and dreams are stored, it comes everywhere with me. This one is cute as a button, I bought it from a discount bookshop for 99p.

A small pink notebook - this is to jot down book ideas, dialogue, notes from meetings...

A Muji pink pen - I love Muji. Love pink. Love pens. Nuff said.

Yves Sain Laurent no. 128 lipstick - it's bright pink and I feel fabulous when I wear it.

Estee Lauder Ideal light - so good for hangover induced dark circles - will be deffo using that today!

Vaseline hand and nail cream

Handy sized vaseline aloe vera tin


Mobile phone - it's a cool Nokia one that lets me check emails and everything - I'm so techno!

Pink Toby Mott umbrella

My ipod in a pink case

A bag of midget gems - love midget jems

No where near as exciting as the author's bag, but I'd like to point out that while Fendi Spy bags are dee-licious, Heidi Seeker bags will deffo get more comments, are considerably cheaper and look just adoreable!

Calling readers and wannabee writer girls - I've been chatting to the fabulous-o Canadian author Bev Katz Rosenbaum who has just released 'I was a Teenage Popsicle' - she's fantastic, the book is totally unique and our interview is online over at Pink-world - go check it out:

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My new favourite thing: The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon

This adoreable book is a complete treasure chest of gorgeousness and will make you feel like the goddess you are simply by owning it. Fact.

It's beautiful to look at and delicious to read - filled with advice, tips and 'top secret' locations, take special notice of how Laura Mercer makes up Madonna, how Helena Christensen dyes her hair, Dolce & Gabanna show you how to dress and you can learn how to bargain buy from Ebay to the High Street. If you love India Knight's book, The Shops, you're going to LOVE it. It would be rude not to. Now, I don't know who this fabulous Gisele chick is, but I'd like to, she'd quite possibly be the best friend ever.

It really is fabulousity personified, it's £15 published by HarperCollins - it's the perfect treat to self but is also a great present idea for Christmas - all the possibilities!
After yet another uneventful home hunting trip to Brighton on Friday, the man and I are slightly glum...I'm trying really hard to think pink about it all, but I think we might have to wait until we can actually afford ourselves something more than a cardboard box. Boo.

So to console myself, I am catching up on America's Next Top Model and X Factor and eating a few blocks of Green and Blacks dark chocolate.
Happy days.

There is good news though, I have a writer's fork.
My friend and I had our tarot cards and palms read on the beach yesterday and apparently, I have a writer's fork. On both hands.
That officially means I'm a writer. So there.
She also told me I had a strong business mind and that I was a lucky person, (there was no sign of a lush pad with sea views though, so not that lucky) she told me I was going to be published in the next year and that I would receive recognition and success.
I was very impressed but I am officially a sucker for anything like that. I think it has something to do with my inability to make decisions, but compared to others, she was pretty much on the money.

Brief interlude: I'm loving The Unconventionals in Louis group and the boyband with four members who sung God only knows.

Tomorrow though, I'm officially lil miss pro-active. I am going to set aside time each day to edit my fiction, I'm going to pitch my butt off like crazy to mags around the world and I'm going to stop watching TV.
Yeah right.
I am, however only going to watch 2 hours a day in the hope that it will make me more selective about my viewing and free up more time to work on pink domination.

Today however, I shall continue watching Simon's group. I do love the lil dude from Brookside and Ashley although his voice may grate on me after a while...Oh I'd love to be a judge on this programme...